Friday, January 29, 2010


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I've been blogging [here] for nearly 2yrs (Feb 4, 08). So my baby is getting pretty old, as far as blogs goes. I had a LJ & FOD in HS when those were all the rage but I don't really consider those blogs. I more consider those, "drama starters" b/c thats basically what they were used for back then. To stir-up drama. Anyways I'm digressing, as always.

My blog has changed & transformed over the course of its life. Its changed as I have changed. It started out as a way for people [family & close friends] to keep up with the end of my pregnancy. It was getting scary. One minute they were going to take my baby 10wks early b/c of complications then the next they weren't. We were living U/S to U/S. It was a scary time & I couldn't continue to make the SAME repetitive phone calls to my HUGE family. I made the decision to blog it & they could read it or not.

Then it some how morphed into a pregnant bitchfest about how my parents hated my [soon-to-be-ex]Husband, I had already filled for divorce but it wouldn't be finalized till after E's birth b/c of childsupport issues. Yet I, in my pregnant state-of-mind I thought (even w.the looming divorce, that I FILED) things would be OK & that Mom/Tom should suck it up. HAHA I love them for not

That bring us to Urban Cowgril- & TODAYS Kandid Kelli . Even though the name changed (Thanks Erin for my face lift, Its fab!!) It didn't change my style or who I am. I blog about my life as a young [single] mom who is just living the day to day, w/a clone for a toddler. Thanks karma. I am very kandid (I know its candid for real but for the sake of my name... go with it, thx!) with you all and I have never held back.

When things were good, I raved! When things were bad, you [unfortunately for yall] got the gory deets. I don't think its right to portray something I am not. What good would I be doing? I know the truth. I know what really goes on in my life.

Sure I can make my life look glamourous & wonderful on a computer screen but when I step away It is what it is. I LOVE MY LIFE. TO ME IT IS GLAMOUROUS & WONDERFUL, but for some [most] its not.

I read sooo many blogs. My reader is JAMMMMM PACKED!!! I love each & every single blogger I read, too. I follow a lot of them on Twiter too. I just can't get enough of their wittiness.

But I have to remember, their blog is NOT their [real] life. They only share (besides youLILU & well maybe you too Tia) the good & the glam.

Who wants to write about the knock-down-drag-out fight they had w.their husband/ S.O? Or the humdrum of their everyday life? Why would they want to portray their life as anything but extraordinary?

Just b/c someone is a great writer does not mean YOU WANT THEIR LIFE. They are going to write about the exciting things that happen. The funny events, etc. Don't mistake the internet & what you read in blogs/forums to be 100% truth. Some people may be what you read is what you get, but most aren't. They want it to look like they live the "rockstar" life 24/7.

If you follow me on Twitter you saw me post this, this AM: "Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have." -Unknown. I truly believe that quote. I think a lot of people are just searching for happiness, be happy w.what you have 1st. Then you might be able to stop searching.


Have a Fantastic weekend & I hope to see you back here @ Kandid Kelli Monday AM for "Not Me Monday"

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Hayley said...

I agree 100%. Very well put!

Katie said...

Very good post. Well said. And I love that quote.

LiLu said...

Haha! I'd have to agree, there is verrrrrrry little I leave out of my blog... poor B. ;-)

Congrats on the facelift and the (almost) 2 yr!

Rachael said...

So true, most bloggers only portray the image that they want to give off.

I've had a case of "omg I LOVE your blog...but not really you so much in person". You have to take it for what it is.

P.S. LJ..totally a drama starter!!! I had one too :)