Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"NO, It's NOT in the water..."

If I hear/see one more person say that "Im not drinking the water, EVERYONE [i wet to HS with] is getting pregnant" like its a bad thing, I will scream. Literally.

PEOPLE, we are not fresh out of HS... we graduated over 5 yrs ago! We're even out of college too.

Its not in the water. Its part of growing up.

It may seem as if "everyone is pregnant or married" but guess what? Just as many if not more are not. You only notice the coupled up or pregnant ones bc you have a heightened awareness & the mindset that its EVERYONE. Kind of like when you're going to buy a new car you see that same make/model, EVERYWHERE.

Some people aspire(d) to get married and start a family. Others wanted to "live out their 20s, fun & free" Both options are fine. To each their own.

But don't say that you're not going to "drink the water" bc you DONT want to get pregnant or b/c you're the only one who doesn't have a husband/kid you can't be friends with those people who do, anymore. Thats probably one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

Every person is different. If one decides to get married and start a family, then so be it. Just because its not the path you chose, DOESNT mean you can't you can't still associate with them. Or that it's wrong.

Just because someone had a kid or is married doesn't mean they have completely changed. I think its time we realize that we're NOT the only ones getting older. EVERYONE else is too.



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Erin said...

Guilty, I've said that line. And I'm not dumb enough to honestly think it's "in the water." I clearly know where babies come from.

However, I think in this day and age too many women aspire to be nothing but moms. They place all of their eggs in one basket and if (heaven forbid) their marriage doesn't work out, they are left with nothing to fall back on aside from alimony and/or child support. A girlfriend of mine just had a baby and I am so proud for her because she seems to have her life in order. She's got an awesome loving husband with a steady job. She also has an awesome family structure, including her extended family. She's finished school and has a degree to her name.

I also think too many women become moms too early in life. They miss out on experiences that are associated with being 20something. Life doesn't slow down until you retire, and even then some retired people I know are busier than people with jobs. Why not wait a couple extra years and enjoy your time?

I'm all for babies and all for families and all for women's rights. I'm not a mother, I'm not a wife but I hope one day to be both (even if I do swear I hate children, haha). But just like you dislike people who say "it's in the water," I dislike people who think the only way to have a fulfilling life is to have kids.