Thursday, July 17, 2008

"SO SO SO Blessed!!"

A few people have been asking for an update on my life and E and School and what not. I figured that since I got out of class early (and got hm early) I would give you all the mighty "UPDATE":

We shat start with school: I ONLY have 15 more days till I walk that stage and have my Bachelors Degree in Public Relations! I never thought I would finish and now that I am so close I am beyond excited. Words don't even come close to describing.

(Besides my aunt and uncle) I will be the first to graduate from college.

I have been considering my masters but UNF, does not offer a masters program for PR (yet...its coming in 2010) I don't want to attend another college , UNF is perfect. Not too BIG not too small. Its great. Not to mention i LOVE Jacksonville.

So I am going to wait till E is in elementary school before I get my masters.

I just can't even begin to imagine what my life will be like without school always looming over my head.

But I have a few connections that will (hopefully) lead me to a wonderful job. I won't go into that b/c I don't want to jinx it.

So that is that. if all goes as planned I will be graduating w.a 3.2 GPA. But as I am told by PRSSA Members (I am an ex member myself) and by a few of my connections, Its NOT about GPA its about how you are in real world situations and interviewing skill and resume (mine is pretty impressive, If I do say so  myself). So I am NOT at all worried.  I got a B (one of few) on my mid-term in Mass Comm (HARD ASS CLASS) and I have a 20 page paper (I have 10 knocked out already--Thx for your help Holly) and a final. This is the ONLY class I need to graduate. I am taking a few others but this is the BIGGIE. LoL So that is that. I am so ready for this day.

Just to know I am in the process of making a GREAT life for my daughter by getting my degree Better job, More $$) make the 1,000+ Miles i put on my car a week well worth it.

For those who are curious- it ONLY took 4 yrs, which is the Normal time for a bachelors, unless you change your major, which I did very early on.

I started UNF in Aug 2004 I will Grad Aug 1 2008-- 4 yrs.

It has been a wonderfully exciting, DRAMA FILLED wouldn't trade it for the world 4yrs. I have made some AMAZING friends, STRENGTHENED old (22 year LONG) friendships. I have also through trial and ERROR learned what qualities my friends MUST have. I have met some people that really were a HUGE waste of my time. They are just very morally CORRUPT--No names needed. Im above that.

Moving on...

E. Where do I start. She's is truly the most wonderful child. I have truly been blessed. I have a Terrific pregnancy and wonderful birth.

She has been 100% healthy since birth.

Sleeping ALL night long in her CRIB since she was 3 weeks old, holding her own head up at 6 1/2-7 weeks.

She's been on formula since she was 6 days old and It was my fault that I only breast fed for a week, I got avery bad breast infection and had to cease BF. I cried for about a week but realized that I had to pull myself together for Ems. She got the colostrum and thats what's the most important.

She has been EXCEEDING the Drs. (and my) expectations. She is PERFECT size (length and weight).

Socially she is at the level of a 5 month old. Rolling over at 9- 10 weeks--Well before most. Most roll over at 4-5 months not 2. She is 15 weeks tomorrow and already trying to sit up on her own, I laugh b/c she she can't and she gets soo mad and kind of cries. She laughs all the time and when I get home from school on T/H after being gone for 8hrs she reaches for me when I walk in, that is such a great feeling, I can't describe it.

She also has pushed herself up on her knees when she's on her tummy a few times. She "Army Crawls" ALL over the place. She grabs at her toys and puts ANYTHING that fits in her mouth in it. needless to say I have to make sure everything within her reach is SAFE.

Her pediatrician, said that when I feel she is ready I can start her on rice cereal. But for now her 4Oz bottles sometimes 5Oz are holding her just fine. I will prolly start her in a month or so, as she steadily becomes more and more active. She will need the extra Calories. Right now her formula is doing the job. She plays hard and naps very well. I have her on a schedule and that makes things easy. When if for some reason I get off her schedule, because we are out at dinner or a friends house or something she doesn't like that. So we typically stick to it.

We wake up anywhere between 730-830am...change diaper and go out morning "talk" get a bottle, play for a few hours. Nap for an hour hr and half. All day is this way. Even when I have errands to run, shes pretty good when we go out. She gets a bath at around 7-715 and gets a bottle and goes to bed between 830-930 and sleeps ALL night, unless she rolls over, but shes usually only awake till she (I) roll her back over to her tummy. So all-in-all I am so very blessed.

My life (ish)- Well I am only 15 days from graduating from COLLEGE!! woohoo!! I am so excited. I have a great support system, my mom, tom, grandma and my bffs. Without them I would not have come this far.

My future with Robert is very uncertain. Once I graduate we will be getting a divorce. (I DO NOT want any emails, comments or MSG about this)

I have lost 31.6 lbs since I gave birth. I still want to loose 30 more. I was about 20-25 labs heavier then I like to be when I got pregnant, So I have lost all my pregnancy weight just to loose the extra ANNOYING weight. I lift weights 2 days a week with a trainer and soon will start some cardio here in a day or two to help boost my weight loss.

I am stressed.

I have the best friends anyone could ask for. I have been looking at houses and I have found a few I'm interested in. So We will see how that goes. I am not going to seriously look till after I graduate, I will be less stressed and looking for a job, thats stressful but not as much as all this school work.

SO thats my lengthy update.  Hope this is what you were looking for.

Till next time--

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"You Could Have Heard A Pin Drop"

An e-mail from my dad:

'You could have heard a pin drop'

When in England , at a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was asked by the Archbishop of Canterbury if our plans for Iraq were just an example of empire building by George Bush.

He answered by saying, 'Over the years, the United States has sent many of its fine young men and women into great peril to fight for freedom beyond our borders. The only amount of land we have ever asked for in return is enough to bury those that did not return.


You could have heard a pin drop.


There was a conference in France where a number of international engineers were taking part, including French and American. During a break, one of theFrench engineers came back into the room saying 'Have you heard the latest dumb stunt Bush has done? He has sent an aircraft carrier to Indonesia to help the tsunami victims.

What does he intended to do, bomb them?'
A Boeing engineer stood up and replied quietly: 'Our carriers have three hospitals on board that can treat several hundred people; they are nuclear powered and can supply emergency electrical power to shore facilities; they have three cafeterias with the capacity to feed 3,000 people three meals a day, they can produce several thousand gallons of fresh water from sea water each day, and they carry half a dozen helicopters for use in
transporting victims and injured to and from their flight deck.

We have eleven such ships; how many does France have?'

You could have heard a pin drop.


A U.S. Navy Admiral was attending a naval conference that included Admirals from the U.S. , English, Canadian, Australian and French Navies. At a cocktail reception, he found himself standing with a large group of Officers that included personnel from most of those countries.

Everyone was chatting away in English as they sipped their drinks but a French admiral suddenly complained that, whereas Europeans learn many languages, Americans learn only English.

' He then asked, 'Why is it that we always have to speak English in these conferences rather than speaking French?'
Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied 'Maybe it's because the Brits, Canadians, Aussies and Americans arranged it so you wouldn't have to speak German.


You could have heard a pin drop.


Robert Whiting, an elderly gentleman of 83, arrived in Paris by plane. At French Customs, he took a few minutes to locate his passport in his carry on. 'You have been to France before, monsieur?' the customs officer asked sarcastically. Mr. Whiting admitted that he had been to France previously. 'Then you should know enough to have your passport ready.

The American said, "'The last time I was here, I didn't have to show it.

"Impossible. Americans always have to show your passports on arrival in France!" stated the customs officer.

The American senior gave the Frenchman a long hard look. Then he quietly explained, "'Well, when I came ashore at Omaha Beach on D-Day in 1944 to help liberate this country,I couldn't find a single Frenchmen to show a passport to.

You could have heard a pin drop.