Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The normal time frame for Christmas decorations is THE DAY/WEEK AFTER THANKSGIVING - NEW YEARS DAY. There is NO compromise on this. NO sooner NO longer. At least that is how I see it.

Thats how most ppl in FL saw it too. As you all know, I moved to PA right after Christmas. So when I saw Christmas decor. everywhere I was not surprised in the least.

But as the days & weeks, yes WEEKS started to pass I just figured the decorations would start to come down. Its not usually something you see happen; They are up one day and gone the next. But the thing is... they didn't come down.

Its one thing to leave the lights on your house b.c its SNOWING, Sleeting & the like. It is dangerous to be up on a ladder/roof removing lights in "winter weather". At least remove your lawn ornaments, lights in the windows (inside their homes) & blow up characters, its not hard to walk out into your front yard and take those to the garage or shed. And DON'T turn your lights on EVERY NIGHT the minute it starts to get dark. Its the middle of January people, theres no need for that & really do you want to pay the extra $$ in electric for your CHRISTMAS lights in the middle of Jan? Lets play it smart. I already know you're paying extra to heat your home... its COLD.

I understand, the holidays are fun! You might just be trying to hold on to some of that fun-ness. "They" stated to push Christmas on us E-A-R-L-Y this year but that doesn't mean to prolong it. It was already long enough, I started to see decor. around Halloween. That was plenty long enough for me.

I was talking to M about this, I asked him one night when we were running to the grocery store if it's normal for people in PA/ up north or if its just this town to leave their lights/decorations up for soooo long?

Me: Babe, I've noticed that people still have their lights up all over town. Is that normal?
Him: Hmm I guess I don't really pay it that much attention. Maybe they are still in the Christmas spirit?
Me: Christmas spirit? that was WEEEEEKKKKSSS ago!
Him: Hon IDK why do you care? They will come down, eventually- I mean when you came in August to visit no one had lights up, did they?
Me: No but when I came up in Oct. for my interview- they DID...
Him: Thats b/c people up here like to decorate for the holidays & you were here near Halloween. Baby, I don't know why you are so concerned by this.
Me: ...

I noticed late last week/ early this week that the Christmas lights had come down... FINALLY.


<span style="font-weight:bold;">They had been replaced by ALL red & pink ones! YES. Thats correct! People around here decorate ALL out for Valentines day! Its like Christmas decorations but for Valentines day. Cupids, hearts & such (like they did when I was up in Oct they had like Orange & Black lights on thier homes etc...).

This is so odd. I have never experienced anything like this. Decorating, all out, for EVERY holiday. I've seen ppl who put up house flags or something small on their mailbox or a little something similar. I mean we always changed our house flag for the season/holiday but apparently the people in this town are all about who can out decorate who. Its like I want to out do the Jones'. Good Lord.

To top it all off when I was at lunch with my friend Andy & I was telling him about how weird I find the decorating, he laughed then told me about this one family down the street from him who has a goose in their front yard and they switch its outfit for every holiday BIG or little. (ie: Vday, St. Pattys Day, Easter, etc...) He said the decor. on ppls home is normal (for hm anyways; b/c he's used to it) but the Goose is the most ridiculous thing he has ever seen.

Here are a few pics (sry for the shoddy quality I was driving when they were taken): One os of a house that went ALL out the other is just one w.a few flags:

**What do you think about over decoration in my new town? weird? Is your town like this?**


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Anonymous said...

Where exactly in PA are you? I know a lot of people in the Philly area leave lights up year-round. It's kind of a tradition.

Hayley said...

OMG. I want a goose to dress up so bad!!!

lifeshighway said...

Whereever you are in PA, start taking pictures and send them our way. Sounds like you would be a great competitor.

Leave those decorations up people!