Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Being Mom is a Hard Thing to Do"

Hailey over at Be Serious : Wrote about how "Being Mama is a Hard Thing to Do" a few days ago & I agree.

I am going to follow suit today!

Its basically about our worst parenting moments as a mother.

There are many things that I think about NOW and just smile or laugh about. They were totally not funny at the time, but they are now. I have so many esp. being that until 2.5 weeks ago I was for the most part a single mom.

I am sharing these with you, hoping that yall WON'T be all judge-yMcjudgerson- Now without further ado...

-Right after E was born, she was about a week old I told Hayls that my kid looked more like an alien baby then like a human baby. Then I proceeded to cry b/c you couldn't take babies back.

-There was the time that I had E in her bumbo seat on the island and I had baked "Monkey Bread" for M & Uncle Andy. I turned my back to turn the oven off and clean up the kitchen & w/a few kicks of her little legs E managed to kick my Beautifully glazed "monkey bread" of the island onto the kitchen floor Shattering the adorable platter it was on and brownsugar glaze flew everywhere. I yelled said loudly so may cuss words I would've put a sailor to shame; I moved her seat to the floor, opposite the "MB" and walked away, for like 10 minutes.

-I loved the times when E would't want to eat her babyfood, so I would try and shove it in her mouth and she would let me & then spit it back in my face or on the floor. I would then tell her I was going to give her away if she didn't shape up (I would nvr in a million yrs give her away!).

-I once told E that if she didn't let me out on her socks/shoes "Jackfrost" was gunna come take her toes away. She was "scared good" all day.

-There are days when E just won't listen for anything she opens & closes cabinets, doors etc and I tell her when she slams her fingers in them I am going to let her fingers fall off b/c I am too busy to run her to the DR to fix them.

-E bit me, it drew blood so I bit her back lightly but it scared her (i swear it wasn't hard)

-She pitches a fit, kicks and screams when she has to get her diaper changed so I tell her to do it her self or go on the potty. When she says "Help Mama" I say "No" till she say "Peepee in here mama" I make her lay quietly while I change her. Its like a min or 2 till she can go play again.

-Sometimes if she wont eat a healthy lunch I will give her anything just so she has something.

-There was also the time I locked E in the car, in 80* weather, I was nervously laughing & crying. She was sleeping till- The fire dept. was called and they couldn't get into my car. My b/f who is a mech. couldn't get into my car. Finally the fire chief called, Pop-a-lock, they got into my car free of charge.

As Hailey said I agree:
"What are your not-so-proud moments as a mother? Make me feel better" - PLEASE Comment (or do this and link me...) I need to feel better about myself!


Coming SOON- Erin @ MyWayThisTime is designing it for me, there will be a NEW NAME and LOOK here @ The Urban Cowgirl. So keep your eyeballs peeled its gunna be fab.




Leelers♥ said...

This is cute, ima do it. Dont feel bad though everyone makes mistake or says stuff they dont mean. We all know your a wonderful mommy :)

BB! said...

Okay, so I feel bad... but I totally laughed at most of these. I'm sorry. I shouldn't laugh.

But honestly... these seem like normal things...

Then again, I know most of the things you say are sarcastic...

PS: My mom did way worse to me, if these are your "worst" moments, then taht's a good thing. LOL.

BB! said...

Okay... so I feel bad. I laughed at most of these. I shouldn't laugh, I know. But I couldn't help it.

KS, you're not a bad mom. And if these are your "worst" moments, I'd say you're doing stellar compared to my parental unit. (One time, when I was four, she left me at church. On "accident".)

Honestly... I see these are normal. Jesus, no one is perfect.

Now when I have kids and I do something that crosses the line (assuming I'll have kids) I expect you to say something. LOL. Cause I know I will.