Friday, January 22, 2010

"Daddy Little Angel"

I am working on a "real" entry. Just bare with me. It MIGHT come later today or on MONDAY with the BIG reveal. (Thanks Erin )

I just have a lot to do today. I am going to buy my books & activate my I.D. card (I have to go to the colleges library to activate it). This will be the FIRST time since Sunday, E & I have left the house. I started potty training her Sunday. We have been making trips to the potty every 20/25 mins. It has been an adventure. I have talked to a few other SAHMs about what they have/are doing to potty train their 2/3 year olds and we are all doing about the same things.

I am also going to call the Early Learning Center/ Day Care that is affiliated with my college, that I am looking into putting E into 2 days a week.I want to tour it & get all the details. I want her to be around some kids her own age, It will be good for her. She loves playing with/around her cousins (luke is about 5 mons oldler then her, MG is 2 yrs older, Jori is about 3 yrs older and Will is about a yr younger). I don't need her in school 5 days a week b/c I am home during the day but It will be nice to have the 2 days she's in school to study and concentrate on my HW & maybe have some "mama time".

So with ALL that said. I am going to leave you with this ADORABLE picture of M & E (& a few of her babies) watching TV before bedtime. If this doesn't melt your heart... then well you must have a heart made of ice.

He loves her so much & her him. Def. a daddy's girl. It justs brings me to my knees.


Only [3days] till the reveal of the new NAME & Design for the blog yall. Erin @ MyWayThisTime has been working really hard, or hardly working? To make this great. Hmm. JK. We shall see come Monday, Jan 25. I can't wait!



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Laura Sue said...

potty training advice: i've worked at a preschool for 5 years now. when i worked with 2 year olds we started potty training them with skittles/m&ms. if they went they got one. if not, they didnt. definitly gotta make it a HUGE deal too! praise big time!