Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

Like EVERY parent under the sun I think MINE is gifted in EVERY way possible. She got a 5-in-1 musical set (drums, tambourine, recorder, maracas, etc...) from my dad & step mom Jane for Christmas & since she loves to play with it & is isn't bad either so I don't mind it; Like originally thought when the gift was opened. So yesterday, while she was supposed to be NAPPING this occured:

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[through the monitor I hear a slight flute sound but give it a minute before I go in to find out whats up)
Me: [I open the door & She quickly lays down and hides her recorder] Whatcha doing sweetpea?
E: Hi mama [waves & smiles]
Me: Where did you get this? [I hold up her recorder]
E: Mine. [Tries to grab it from me]
Me: Lets use our manners. We don't grab things, we ask nicely.
E: Peeese mama.
Me: No hon, its sleepy time. How did you get this?
[She pointed to her baby's playpin- it's right next to her crib, if she stretches far enough she can reach it, I guess she stashed it in there]
E: My babys
Me: Okay well mama wants to play with it now, so can you take a nappy and then when you get up you can have it?
E: K mama.
Me: Yes mam?
E: Yea mam


Photo courtesy of piratefan308 via Flickr.

E & I love to color together. Its something we usually do after her second nap of the day before dinner. It keeps her occupied for a long time too. (Another reason I like for her to color) The other day NOTHING was making her happy, she was just all around grouchy:

E: Mama lookkkkk!!! [holds up her coloring book]
Me: Thats your Handy Manny coloring book. How did you get the craft drawer open?
E: Meme!! [points to the book] Meme!! uhuh!! Sit. [goes to her booter seat]
Me: Would you like to color?
E: Peeese.
Me: Okay. Lets put your book up there. Go ahead & climb up there while I get your crayons.
E: Ok mama.
-I hear her struggling but she successfully is in her seat-
Me: Here ya go [I pour out her crayons in front of her & she picks her picture to color, I walked away to do laundry]

-The next thing I know/hear is little footsteps running towards the laundry room. I immediately think to myself "did i strap her into her booster seat?" apparently not:

E: MAMA Lookkkkk peeeeettttyyyy... [she holds up her picture and a black INK PEN!!!]
Me: [thinking SHIT... where did she get a PEN] that is beautiful honey. Can I have your pen?
E: No mine. Peeeetttyyyyy!!!!!! [pulls up her shirt & points to her tummy- she had colored her tummy with the pen]
Me: Aw E honey, We don't color ourselves. We only color on our paper.
E: Mama. [a very confused look on her face, grabs my hand- where I have some stuff scribbled]

photo courtesy google

-She wins.


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Rachael said...

This, is why I liked to play with kids...and know that I can give them back!! haha sooo cute!

Nicole said...

LMAO. E got you GOOD! LoL.

(I write on my hand allll the time, too!)

BB! said...


May I just say that she may be trying to ... "recreate" Mommy's cowboy hat or mom's flowers from Hawaii.

Just sayin.