Monday, January 11, 2010

"Silence is NOT Golden"

I like a loud home. One where my doodle is laughing and playing. Talking and babbling. I like hearing the pitter patter of her tiny feet running through the house.

The minute it gets quite, it better mean ONE thing- SHE IS ASLEEP.

If its not 10:30am, 3:00pm or 8:15pm- all 3 of which are sleepy time in my house hold- It usually means she is into something they are not supposed to be into.

E is small for being almost 2, she is TALL & LANKY (unlike me, I am short), but VERY flexible. She seems to be able to maneuver herself into some tight spots, "to check stuff out". Usually after I have told her a firm "No". she gets two tries before a timeout.

Not to mention the climbing, all over EVERYTHING & the jumping off. [Insert Heart attack, here.]

I am all about exploring, thats how children learn & grow. That helps them feel independent and what not but I worry about things that could hurt her.

I am not a hoover mom, by any means. I never have been. But I do go into her room or the living/family room after a few mins & peek in just to see what she's doing- she doesn't always want to play with mom. She is content playing with her toys and her "friends" (dolls & stuffed animals).

We moved from a 2 story death trap house were Doodle was only permitted to play in the bonus playroom [above the garage that was babygated off], Unless she had a chaperone to watch her every move downstairs.

To a one story, well the master is upstairs but a babygate blocks the stairs, so its mostly a 1 story (minus the basement) house; Where doodle is free to roam about everywhere, no chaperone needed.

E loves her newfound freedom, she also loves all the new stuff there is to get into. The house is pretty much baby proofed, but not really.

Lets just leave the major exploring to Dora & unless my doodle is asleep I want loud laughs & gut giggles. None of that quite stuff.


Coming SOON there will be a NEW NAME and LOOK here @ The Urban Cowgirl. So keep your eyeballs peeled.

Have a good weekend yall.



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