Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

As I have mentioned a few times before E is nearing 2yrs old. She def. knows what is going on around her. When you have a child or if you're a fairy godmother you find yourself in the Dr.s office, A LOT. mostly for well baby check-ups, but also for some, not-so-well baby apts.

E used to LOVE going to the DR. Until her 15mon check-up.

At said check-up she got the MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella) along with 2 others. She does relatively well with her shots. She previously nvr spiked a fever or anything like that. Well that night she spiked a 104.2 degree fever. I called the office @ 230a. They told me to give her Tylenol & put her in a luke warm bath for 20/30 mins till it broke. That was all good until 3hrs later she had a 102.6 degree fever again. WTF?! did she have M?M?orR? with our luck she would be the 1% that actually got one of them. So I took her in to the office first thing the next AM. NOTHING was keeping her fever down. We went a day w.out being in the office but then we were back in the office on Saturday. Come to find out E had infantile Rosiolla. So then it was only a matter of time before her entire body broke out into a rash. Poor baby. It was horrible.

So ever since those string of apts she has HATED the DR. With good reason. Well as most of you know we made a huge move a few days after Christmas. We moved like over 1100+mi away from home, So I can attend graduate school. With that move came COLD WEATHER & SNOW. Two things Floridans aren't used too.

Christmas Eve (24th) E contracted her FIRST EVER ear infection. Yes, I said Christmas eve. She also thought It cool to puke up her antibiotics. So M & I were driving all over Gods great creation to find her shot form of it, b/c her DRs office closed at noon on Xmas eve. Finally at 4ish we finally got her one, not to mention her 103degree fever all day, that tylenol refused to break. (we switched to motrin)

We moved to PA on the 28th... 4 SHORT days later. Obvi we didnt have a pediatrician yet, but her DR assured us she was fine, we saw him the AM of the 28th. Just follow-up with DR. So & So (her dr is from this area, small world I know) in two weeks. Other then that, E is fine! Great finished packing Mom took us to the airport and away we went. Arrived w.out a single problem, all was good.

Until New Years day. Kiddo is FINE all day, nap time rolls around I lay her down, she wakes up, but M & I gotta run up to the store, Rick & Jane say they don't mind watching her. She seemed a lil cranky but we won't be gone long. We get back no longer then 25mins later, she is still on Ricks lap, unheard of for my lil mover & shaker. I go pick her up. SHE IS BURNING UP! Take her temp= 104.2!!!! OMG, Tylenol & a luke warm bath asap.

I freak b.c I know the name of the ped. we're gunna go see in a week in a half but we haven't called him yet b/c E was supposed to be FINE (and its a HOLIDAY, I was gunna call and make her apt Mon). So I call anyways. I tell them our story. The On-Call RN tells me b/c we're not yet patients (and if it were her child) to take her to the ER.

On our way to the ER:

Me: Are you feeling better honey?
E: Shakes her head no.
Meanwhile I am a wreck, M is doing a good job of keeping me calm.
Me: Were gunna take you to feel better, okay?
E: No!! (starts whimpering)
We get there M takes us to the front door & tells us to get out and he will go park the car, its too cold to be walking from the garage with her.
Me: (I open her door and go to get her out) Come on honey, Do you want squirt to come?
E: COLDDD Mama! Cold. Yes irt come.
Me: Here put this in your mouth (her pacifier) I wrap her tightly in a blanket.
E: (Clinging to me)
Me: It will be okay honey (as we're walking into the ER)
E: [making a confused face] NOOOOOO, Me go home! Me go! (pointing towards the doors)
We get checked in & wait.
E sees M.
E: DADDDAAA!!!! Me gooo!!!
M: Soon baby, Soon.

M started to rub her back and she fell asleep but every time she woke up she kept saying "Me Go" or "Memmy Home"

We got taken back to a room where I laid with her on a bed. Anytime a nurse or DR walked into her room blood curdling screams came from her little 22lb body. While she was saying "Me Go Mama" "Me go dada"

While @ The hospital she spikes yet another 104degree fever. Motrin is given & they decide to give her yet another shot of antibiotics. They think she just had a viral infection. We had been there for 6 hrs already. They had taken urine, blood, did a strep swab & a chest x-ray- everything came back negative. Come on already Its almost 11pm. I want to get my baby home.

I go to the RR & hear a scream. The shot had been administered. "I GO!!! I GO NOW!!!!" was being said intermittently. We had to wait for a temp re-check and discharge papers but about 30 mins later we got to go.

Me: E you get to GO!!
E: YAYAYAYAYA!!! Dada meme gooo home! (huge smile on her face)
M: I know sweetie. Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat (since she hadnt eaten since like 2 that afternoon)
E: No dada. My cup?
Me: You want some juice?
E: Yes. Peese. (peese= Please)
Me: Okay, let me get that for you. Here you go my precious.
E: Cank ou (Cank ou= Thank you) Mama.

She fell asleep before she even took a sip of her juice.

The next day (Saturday) We had to take her into the Peds office -- 1) as a follow-up from the ER & 2) to become an established patient. Just to get her in the car was a battle.

E: No mama.
Me: Yes baby. We're just going to run out for a bit.
E: NOOOOOOOOOOOO. (Screaming & kicking)
Me: Would you like Grammy to sit in the back with you?
E: uhhuh (all whinny like)

Once we're to the Drs office:

The crying commences- again.

Me: Baby its okay. He is going to make you feel better.
E: (crying)
Me: Relax hon, calm down. I hand her to Jane, M's mom. So I can sign her in & fill out forms.

Crying slows down.

They call us back:

E: No No NOOO I goooo!!!!
Me: come one honey.
You get the point.

Anytime we are near a Dr. or Nurse she is terrified (even if its for a well baby) & for good reason.

I know living in a place where 35degrees in the winter is considered a heat-wave is going to take some getting used to. And with a toddler who LOVES playing in the snow (which we have plenty of & more to come tomm).

I know the Dr is unavoidable. Hopefully she will grow out of her fear. If not we will work through the tears to keep her healthy.



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I cried. A little warning next time please? I could've been wearing mascara!

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