Monday, January 4, 2010

"Target is the Mecca for ALL things"

Right? You need something you can usually get it (and more) at target.

Well over the Christmas season, I did A LOT of shopping at Target. I love that place and so does 5,000 other people. Well one day in particular, E was grumpy (it was almost nap time) Target was PACKED. I was rushing around so I could get out to get her home and asleep.

I wasn't really paying anyone attention. I mean E is enough for me to try and keep up with. Well the next thing I know I run SMACK dab into this adorable pregnant woman. I looked up to apologize, and I stopped mid sentence...

She looked eerily familiar.

We gave each this look; But she was the first to speak:

"You're the girl from the postoffice , right?"
"Yes I am, are you the surrogate I spoke with?"
"I am. My name is Deanna, I go by Dee though" (we had nvr exchanged names)
"Its nice to officially meet you, I am Kelli & this is my daughter E"
"Yes I couldn't forget her adorable little face"

Dee was there with her SIL, the woman who she is surrogating for. So I got to meet and talk with her as well. Dee is carrying a little girl. They had just come from the U/S, they were purchasing the first pink ANYTHING, Dee's gift to them, as she would do as the aunt. It just so happens this is a special situation.

I asked if they had a name yet, its Janice. Thanks to Hayls all I can of when I hear the name now is "Friends" and the annoying character that Chandler dated. Thanks hon!!

But after talking to her AND her SIL I am even more firm in my decision to be a surrogate in a few yrs after I have my second child, God willing. Just seeing the intense joy that Dee was bringing to her SIL, Sherrie. Really warmed my heart.

I hope one day I can do the same for one family. I know I will probably never see Dee or Sherrie again b/c of living 1100+ mi away but I wish them the best. I hope Dee has a safe and smooth delivery and that Janice is happy and healthy.



Leelers♥ said...

I would love to do this too:) I think it would be an amazing experience for me and the "to be" mom!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a wonderful person. Do you know that?

Well, if you don't, you do now. :)