Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Friend Quiz"

I got this idea from the lovely BB . She randomly posts the Q&A from the app on FB called Friend Quiz. Well I've never looked at the answers until today. I am bored, I can't go up to the college and buy my books just yet. I need to make sure everything with my financial aid is good.

So without further ado:

Do you think that Kelli S has ever stolen from work?
Friend Answer: Yes
Real Answer: HELL NO, I have respect for my employer

The above was followed by:

Do you think that Kelli Stephenson has a good work ethic?
RA: they are correct, yet someone thinks I would steal from work, but yet i have a good work ethic? hmm.

Do you think that Kelli S can do 20 pushups?
FA: Yes
RA: I wish. 15 if I'm lucky. Im way outta shape! oy.

Do you think that Kelli S has ever done anything they're ashamed of?
FA: No
RA: Hasn't everyone?

Do you think that Kelli S still sleeps with a teddy bear?
FA: No
RA: It's an elephant

Do you think Kelli S is cute?
3FA: Yes
1FA: No
RA: its nice to know 3 out of 4 of my "friends" on FB think I'm cute. LoL

Anyways I found those to be the mot amusing ones, there was about 50 of them. Ha.

I hope these at least made you smile. They did me.

Now I have to go wash up my STICKY toddler who is chowing down on an Orange flavored Candy Cane. Thx to Grampy aka "bop" E loves Candy Canes. Joy.



1 comment:

BB! said...

Haha! I love your answers.

And the sticky toddler.