Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

photo courtesy of sesame ellis via flickr

My child is smart.

Sometimes too smart for her own good.

On Tuesday we ventured up to my college to buy books, get my student i.d. & graduate parking sticker (yes it is different from under grad parking stickers).

I called upon M's bestfriend of over 18yrs, and a good friend of mine Andy, to see if he would like to go He said yes. Some adult conversation is what I was shooting for!!

After chasing E around for a little while, I caught her. I feel like a damn hog hunter some days & E is the hog. Except I don't have a weapon. Bear hands folks.

Anywho, I bundled lil E up, its cold in these here parts, low 20's on Tues. She HATES her heavy coat. Well tough cookies. I thought to myself "I will heat the car and she will only have to wear it while we walk around campus." One less fight today. I am a genius!!! So I did just that.

On our way down to the garage (car heated):

Me: E lets go, we're going to get Uncle Andy & to go out for a bit to Mama's school.
E: Shakes her head no, Meme play.
Me: I hand her, her coat. You carry this to car we're leaving. You want to bring that with you?
E: No!! (starts whimpering)
Me: (I open the door towards the basement/garage) Come on Doodle, Lets go get uncle Andy.
E: Hold Me mama. Peeese?
Me: Hold your coat, please & my keys.
E: She jumps up. Mama it cold here (shes wearing leggings under cords, a long sleeved shirt under a sweater) The garage wasn't that cold, it was only ope a sliver so I could turn the car on safely & the car was warm already.
Me: Its fine, you didn't want to wear your jacket, the car is nice and toasty.
E: [making a confused face]
I open the car door.
E: It HOT mama.

Never happy this one. LoL.

We get to Andy's, He gets in and we chit chat, he's only a few mins away from the school I will be attending. Once we get there I realize its time for WWIII, b/c It's time to FORCE her coat on her. Now realize she LOVES her snowsuit, b/c she knows what that means, but her coat, no way jose.

Me: We're here. Yay! Ready to get in your stroller and get out hon?
M: I know sweetie. It's gunna be fun, we all just gotta put out jackets on, its cold outside, brrrr.
E: No. Cold. [puts her hands up to stop me]
Me: You don't want to be cold do you?
E: Yes. No mama.
Andy: Okay E it's time to put on your jacket. Then we can get out of our carseat.
E: Yah.
Me: Slide her arms in and its on. I was too shocked for words.
Andy: Big girl. Lets get in your stroller.
Me: Okay, let me make sure your in okay. Yup you're in! Want your shades?
E: Cank ou Mama.

We wet over to the Security office for my I.D. and parking pass and she threw on her charm. This kid knows how to put on a show. One of the security officers ended up giving me some suckers for her. She was such an angel while we were in the office she got one. Once to the car though I took it away. **CHOKING HAZARD**

Me: Thank you. (as I just take it)
E: No mama. Meme's & starts wailing.
Me: Yes baby. You can't have that while mommy is driving it could hurt you.
E: NOOOOOOOOOOOO. (Screaming & kicking)
Me: Would you like your cup and a animal cracker?
E: uhhuh (all whinny like)
Andy: Want some milk & a cokkie
Andy to me: Shes smiling again he like the dman baby whisper? He says exactly what I say and shes better! That;s it Im taking him EVERYWHERE with me from now on!

Either that or she enjoys saying yes to others and not me. She enjoys running from mommy and not from others. She How smart this little sucker is?

Im going with the latter.

Once we get back to Andy's house after lunch & he gets out to leave he says bye to us and bye to e and the crying commences- again. She LOVES her uncle Andy. She had BIG ole crocodile tears. poor baby.

Me: Baby its okay. Uncle Andy has to go home now.
E: (crying) Why?
Me: Calm down. B/c he does this is where he lives.

Crying slows down.

E: Boy my home?

I think she was asking if he cold come to her home... Im not sure i ignored it, she fell asleep. She is TOO young to be asking if boys can live with her! oy.


I know you're wondering about the blog facelift. It's coming Erin @ MyWayThisTime is making some headway. But some close friends of hers were involved in a fire last week & she has been trying to help them, duh, you can check that out here & here & if you would like to help them contact her. She has an awesome blog, Check her out.



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