Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Happy Award"

Katie over @ From If to When did this a few weeks ago & she "awarded" it to anyone who wanted to do it.

[This is a pre-scheduled post, while I am on my SB hiatus- b/c I don't like the idea of my blog sitting stagnant for like 2 weeks.]


Here are the "rules":
1. Copy and paste the award.
2. Link to the person who sent it to you.
3. List 10 things that make you happy.
4. Nominate other bloggers and stop by their blogs to let them know.


1. My beautiful daughter & watching her learn/grow DAILY- She really is all I need to smile. Hearing her say "Mommy" or "Mama" does it for me. Her dialect is getting so advanced & she really is developing more & more of her own personality lately that it blows my mind & I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that in 2.5 weeks she will be 2 y/o.

2. My wonderful fiancée- He is so supportive of my goals and dreams! He reminds me constantly (b/c I need to hear it) that: "We're in this together" - We've been friends for close to 4 years now, Ive been in love with him nearly that long [sign number 5,976,753,964,540,143 I shouldn't have married GD - I digress] we're not perfect, no one is but, I am so lucky to get to marry one of my bestfriends. Not to mention what a great father he has been to E. I couldn't have asked for a better daddy. God choose him. We might not have created her together, but he was meant to be her daddy [Thx Elizabeth!!! ]

3. My Family- I wouldn't be the person I am today w/o them. I LOVE my family so much. Being in PA makes me realize how much I really do miss & love them. MG just turned 5, Des is 10 gong on 25, Lukers is almost 3! Missy is pregnant w.Ellie!! I hate not being around for all of this. E misses her "wuke" & Mila & Des. Not to mention her other friends... "Malwory" & "Pia". She hasn't even met little Scarlett. I grew up around a lot of family (blood & church) I want that for her & M is not a baptist and refuses to go to a Baptist church & I don't want to go alone so In PA I don't go to church. I worship alone. I miss the feeling I get from being in Gods house and the uplifting message I get from service. I will be home for good soon. I. Hope.

4. The Color Purple- It's my all time fave. Since Oct my nails have been [almost black] PURPLE. I love it. I search for purple clothing of any kind, if its a good deal, I usually buy it. I am not bias on the shade either, although the darker the better.

5. My favorite show... Mercy- It's full of Laughs & WIN. I like the Good Wife & Criminal Minds too. -- Actually I have a huge LIST (im a list maker... obsessed actually, since HS) of ALL the MANY shows I watch. Its SAD, Im not gunna lie. I have, NO. LIFE. It all started when i was put on bed-rest when I was pregnant OVER 2yrs ago!!

6. The Tanning Bed- As bad as as it is for me I am [slightly] addicted. Esp. now that Im in PA its def. a necessity.

7. Reading- I love it. I am a Kindle mommy. I have red tons on my Kindle. I have Kindle on my iPhone (not a huge fan, too small). I love actual print books too. Certain authors I HAVE to buy in print. I don't read as much as used to/ would like to anymore .

8. Sudoku- The ONLY thing w.numbers I enjoy. Also stared while I was pregnant, or slightly before. I can't remember. I like to do it before bed to wind down... which is when I used to read!!! Theres the culprit.

9. A good cup of coffee [homemade or coffeeshop]- I am a fan- I am not real picky about where it comes from. I have to have 1-2 cups a day or I am a total bitch. I get a raging migraine. Yes. Even If I drink a 2-liter. Coffee is different. I love coffee a night & NO it will not keep me up. I am lucky? or cursed?

10. SUNSHINE- I am from FL. I worship it. I MISS it. It is beautiful, it makes me smile.

**Like Katie, If you want to do this, I pick YOU!!!, what makes YOU happy?**

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli

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