Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Today is THE day!"

Yup- I hit 200 today!! Ive been Hinting towards this day since last week! & Here we are!

I feel like there should be streamers and noise makers! (!!!)

Thank you soo much to all my wonderful freaders!

Yall make this so much [more] worth it.

I surpassed my 2 YEAR blogaversary and didn't even realize it! .:GASP:. [Feb. 4 2008]

So in HONOR of 2yrs of [my] senselessness and 200 posts...

I am going to do a little giveaway...

I am going to be giving TWO lucky readers via --TWO different funsies...

1) A set of 6 Glass Pebble Magnets... They a bright & colorful & remind me of SPRING since spring is right around the corner!!


2) 4 colorful, adorable SPRINGY tea/coffe cups. These are great for an afternoon of gossip w/the ladies, what?! Don't lie you do that! or Sunday brunch.

All you have to do to enter is leaving a comment telling me which you would prefer (most are going to want the mugs I am sure-- but the magnets are fun too! They come in a little travel tin) & why. Also leave a valid e-mail address in your comment so if you win I can contact you for your address to send you your funsie.

To get (3) extra entries:
-Follow Kandid Kelli (leave a comment letting me know when you are/if you already do)
-Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment w.the link to the tweet
-Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment w.the link to the blog

Easy as pie.

**YOU CAN NOT WIN THEM BOTH. If Ramdom.Org picks you twice I will generate again.**

This giveaway will be open for ONE WEEK, so till WEDNESDAY MARCH 10 @ 10:00a (PA time)-- yes AM... but I am giving my west coast readers a week to enter.

Goodluck my freaders... I love all your faces!

Heres to 200 more!

See ya back tomorrow...

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli


Leelers♥ said...

Congrats on 200 dear!!! Thats awesome, Im hoping one day I can be there too!!! I would gladly take any of the two! I hope u have a wonderful day!

Whitney said...

Congrats! That's awesome! You're my role model! LOL! I would also take either of the two! Cute!

Hayley said...

Yay for 200!
You know I want the magnets, b/c I'm a magnet addict. haha.

Ashley said...

Congrats on 2 yrs/200 entries!

I follow you through Blogger/Gmail, but I normally just click on your links through Twitter and read that way.

I love magnets, so I'll say those, especially since they're perfect for Florida! :)

Hayley said...

I already follow you lover! :)

Katie said...

Damn, I don't know how I missed this! I guess I'll blame it on the post-surgery haze. :) I'm rooting for Hayley to win something. Haha!