Monday, March 29, 2010

"Not Mommy & Me Monday"

So today, as my "first day back" I decided to mix Not Me Monday & Mommy & Me Monday-- Thanks again to Hailey over @ Be Serious (which is where I got the idea for "NMM") for letting me steal borrow the idea ... She stole got the idea from Krystyn.



Mommy & Me Monday hosted by Krystyn. Here is what Mommy & Me Monday is all about...

Krystyn writes... "So, I am starting up a “Mommy and Me Monday.” I am challenging you to get at least a picture of yourself with you child, or children once a week. Then, on Mondays, you post that “Mommy and Me” picture with or without a story or fun anecdote about you and that child (not necessarily relating to the picture, just about you and the subject of that picture)."

Toddler giggles & snuggles! The best come from my twinniekin! Love her!



"Not Me Monday"

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. You can also check out Hailey @ Be Serious & see what she has not been up too.

-I did not almost miss my plane back to PA b/c OIA and all of its employee's are incompetent (I was there 2hrs before) and frantically search my purse for happy pills only to realize I left them in PA... THAT WAS not THE LONGEST 2.5 hours of my life!!

-I did not loose sleep for 3 nights STRAIGHT, along side my wonderful fiancee because our baby girl would scream every time she went anywhere close to her crib. I did not have to leave class early Thursday night because she has having a shitfit. It did not help that "mommy was home" I did not TRY EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN TO MAKE IT BETTER.

- I did not call the Dr. Friday morning in tears because 'SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY DAUGHTER, WHO NORMALLY SLEEPS 12-13 HRS A NIGHT, NOW WON'T EVEN SLEEP 1!!!- PLEASE SEE US!' She did not have a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION- No fever was ever present or ear pulling. I am mother of the freaking year.

-I did not have & still have to FORCE I mean kindly give my unwilling to take oral meds child, ORAL MEDS. Its a battle that I DO NOT WIN every morning. I AM THE MOMMY- SHE IS SICK, THE RX COST ME $50 (w/insurance...) she WILL take it, that is that.

-I did not buy PEEPS and leave them open on the stove so they will get hard/crunchy... the only way to eat a peep I tell ya.

-I did not go tanning- again, even though it is sooooo bad for me. I am NOT in love. Okay I am. I will continue not to go till May. Maybe- I live in the NORTH the sun seems to have forgotten about us... :(

-I did not buy try on a 'romper' @ KOP yesterday and decide... I MUST HAVE ONE this season.


I am glad to be back.

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli


Jessica said...

I did NOT tan either! ;)

Anonymous said...

CUTE picture. Welcome back! I missed you. xo