Tuesday, March 9, 2010


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I was always told when I was younger, one day Kelli when you have a child you are gunna get this back TWOFOLD...

I never believed it. But oh boy am I getting it back.

My sweet loving, cuddly baby girl has morphed into a back-talking, bad listener, no really, brick-wall listens better then her.

I ask her not to do something & she looks right at me as SHE DOES IT or vica versa.

She screams... A lot, for no reason.

She says "No mama" & runs away from me like its going out of style.

The floor gets more action from her food then her mouth. Its really ridiculous.

Time-out is her second home.

She gives a new meaning to temper tantrums.

I don't like yelling, really working on not doing it as much anymore, but by golly- shes not making it any easier!

I've heard of the "terrible-2s". I've even joked about the T2 in this here blogy. -- but guess who's NOT 2 yet!!!

But this is completely different from anything I have bloged about before. I don't know where my precious baby went...

I was talking to my mom about this the other day telling her about all of this and what do I hear on the other end of the line...?


Yes laughing. No lie. WTH.

She said "I don't mean to laugh, but this is what I told you about, you're getting it back. This is paybacks, my daughter"

I hope this is not a pre-preview of her teens. If it is I will be the sole reason Xanax (or by then there will be something way better and STRONGER) is in business...

B/C ladies lets be honest... Wine and back rubs from the man of the house only goes so far...

Just like anything we have GOOD days and when shes good shes GREAT! but then there's the BAD days... I fear the BAD days like I fear dooms day. Im serious. They are bad from the time she opens her little baby blues till the time mama & dada lay her down at 8:05/8:10. Its 11hrs of sheer torture. There are days that I try my darnedest to turn a bad day around and sometimes I am successful, but usually only for a few hrs, never all day.

I am patient, I am actully one of the most patience people I know. I am in graduate school for EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT (ages 4-3rd grade) & SPECIAL EDUCATION (children w.special needs) that takes PATIENCE!

But some days I feel like I am a horrible mother I just cry myself to sleep. M didn't know that I cry, b/c those nights I turn away from him, till this morning when I broke down to him. He rubbed my hair (that ALWAYS makes me feel better) & told me it was going to be okay & that we are in this together & that I am doing a great job w.her.

I know parenting is not an easy job, I didn't expect it to be, but some days ARE easier then others.


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BB said...

Nadia did the same thing. She's grown out of it already. I think once she hit three she stopped the screaming.

Now when she has a temper tantrum and you ask if she wants something, she'll scream "NO THANK YOU!" It's adorable.

Just keep your patience and you'll both be fine. :o)

Elizabeth said...

First of all, you are NOT a horrible mother!!!! E has one of the best mommys I know of. Any mom who says that they like their child every second of every day is lying. Note, I said LIKE not LOVE. I love my kids more than anything but I dont always like them. Haley is in the stage now of thinking she's 17, not 7. Laura, I swear, is the most horrible 3 year old at times. When she's good, she's really good but when she's bad...watch out!!! We do the time out thing too. The girls each have naughty mats that they have to sit on when they're bad. Doesnt really work for Haley though so she's starting to lose things out of her room. Anyway, Haley is kind of a moot point since she has 5 years on E. With Laura, if she throws a toy, we put it on top of the fridge. She can see it but cant have it. Usually stays up there about a day and then she has to tell us why its up there before she can have it back.

As for the back talking, I wish I had more than ideas for you. We started telling the girls that back talking wasnt acceptable and that they were using "not nice" words. I wish I could tell you it will get better right away but its still something we struggle with every day. I think back talking is genetically wired into little girls. I'm 28 and still back talk to Curtis.

Kelli, do not for one second every doubt yourself as a mother!! Also, do not ever show E weakness! Toddlers are evil and will use any sign of weakness to their advantage! : ) Seriously, just stand your ground and dont back down. E needs to know that Mommy means business. She'll learn eventually. Hope you guys have a GOOD day today!! I'm playing catch up with house work since everyone here was sick this weekend. Lots of fun!!