Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

Disney has some phenomenal animated (and non) movies for children. Thats one of their trade marks along w.Mickey and its theme parks. So it was no surprise to me when little miss fell hard for "Finding Nemo" ( apparently my friend's daughter is in love w/Nemo as well , she is about 4 mons older then E).

I was going through my DVD's and found: Finding Nemo, Lilo & Stitch, Cars & a few others and decided one snowy day we would have a Disney-a-thon (I have all the classics on VHS). She when movies or TV is on in out house E won't sit on her hiney and just watch, she plays and runs around too. Well This was the order in which they were viewed: CARS, L&S and Nemo...

No others were views as we HAD TO WATCH "EMO" (nemo) again:

-As Nemo was ending...:

E: NOOO!! Emo [almost in tears] more mama more!!
Me: You would like to watch Nemo again?
E: Peeese mama
Me: [I hadn't reaize she had liked it so much, as she was playing or so I though through the whole movie] You would like to watch Nemo again?
E: [hands me the DVD remote] Emo!
Me: Would you like to watch this movie instead? [showing her Peter Pan, the last Disney DVD I had pre-baby]
E: No [shakes her head] Emo!
Me: Would you like to watch Lilo & Stitch? [She was very content during that one as we were eating breakfast during that one]
E: No titch mama... Emo! Peeeseee!!! Emmy wants Emo!!
Me: E we just watched that. I think we should watch something else.
E: Emo dada! Oh no! .:Gasps:. [she said/did this at the point in the movie when Nemo is separated from his dad by the diver & still does...]
Me: Yes Nemo lost his daddy
E: Oh no!! Emo more peese mama!
M: I will put it on till you have to take a nap, deal?
E: Deal

So all in all she won. She was STRONG in her conviction that she wanted to watch Emo again. haha. We still watch it 2 sometimes 3 times per day. oy.

She loves Lilo & Stitch (the series more then the movie) not as much, but likes it none the less, so I try to rotate them, b/c I love L&S, b/c I want to live in Hawaii one day. I love it there.


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Hayley said...

I was that way with Lady & The Tramp growing up. My mom knew she could take a nap every day while I watched it b/c I would sit still and watch it. haha.