Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

E is like a little person now. Yes I know that is what happens when they grow but she is all about using cutlery and such. She was nvr interested, I would try to get her to used a fork and spoon and she would say no and use her adorably chubby fingers. She didn't like bowls or plates, she would take her food out/off them. Then one day she asked for a fork I said okay and she used it, correctly & the same with a spoon & bowls/plates. I mean she still spills things off her spoon b/c she is a lefty and has issues and tilts the spoon a little too much right before her mouth but she is learning & I am proud. She talks so much & well, repeating EVERYTHING (good & bad) you say. Thus far in her 23mons of life this is my new favorite (minus the "episodes") stage.

During Snack time yesterday (Nemo was on, surprised?):

She ate a good (for her) lunch so I promised during snack time some chips & a juice box (not a sippie cup)- Girl loves her juice boxes.

-I give her few chips and her juice box-
E: NOOO mama!!
Me: Whats wrong E? You know we use inside voices.
E: bow chipies Peeese mama bow. (bow=bowl)
Me: [I had totally spaced & forgotten to grab a small kiddie bowl for her chips] You would like a bowl for your chips?
E: Peeese. yes.
Me: Okay. I can do that. I am sorry I forgot.
E: [Smiles & shakes her head]
Me: Did you drink any juice box?
E: juiceee box! Awpple! Awpple!
Me: Very good, there is an apple on your juice box. Is that good juice? [setting the bowl down]
E: E do it!!! E doooo it mama!! [She wanted to put her chips in the bowl]
Me: Okay you can do it, youre a big girl
E: yesss mama [throws her arms up to show me how big she is]
M: What do you say when someone gives you something?
E: Cank You.
-A few minutes later...
E: Mama I all wet!!!!
Me: [I look over and she had dumped half her juice box all over herself!! I laugh to myself] Oh honey! Lets go change your clothes.
E: Yah I all wet, yucky! [makes some gesture with her hands and sticks out her tongue]
Me: Its okay just a little sticky
E: Skicky Skicky!!! I help wash?
Me: yes you can help clean it up after we wash you up.

She is becoming very Independent & wanting to do EVERYTHING by herself. It is great but somethings she needs mama's help & she doesn't understand that & that is when we have what I have decided to call our "episodes"-- I like that better then tantrums.


Thank Goodness Tomorrow's Friday--

I better get packing... I leave for FL tomorrow! Ek.

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