Monday, March 22, 2010

"Mommy and Me"

[still on "Hiatus" be back later this week... maybe. If not NEXT week for sure!]

This is different this my usual "Not Me Monday" but I did steal get the idea from Hailey over @ Be Serious (which is where I got the idea for "NMM")... who stole get the idea from Krystyn .

Enjoy this... I will be alternating this & "Not Me Monday" Gotta have some variety!

Welcome to Mommy & Me Monday hosted by Krystyn . Here is what Mommy & Me Monday is all about...

Krystyn writes... "So, I am starting up a “Mommy and Me Monday.” I am challenging you to get at least a picture of yourself with you child, or children once a week. Then, on Mondays, you post that “Mommy and Me” picture with or without a story or fun anecdote about you and that child (not necessarily relating to the picture, just about you and the subject of that picture)."

Me & my "twinykin" -- Don't mind my dark circles/ tired look, this is just 12hrs after being on a (veryyyy delayed) plane from PA to FL. We're @ Miss Mal's 3rd bday party!!


Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli


Anonymous said...

Love this picture!

Jessica said...

she is positively adorable!
& you look good to Kelli!

Rachael said...

AWWWW. that's really what I said out loud. So cute :)