Monday, March 15, 2010

"And the winnerS are..."

The two winners are: by draw:

Lelia over @ This Journey We Call Life ... She will receive the adorable 4 Tea Cups-


Hayley over @ Blue Eyed Blonde ... She will receive the Magnets-


Age: twenty-three
Bed size: NOT big enough
Chore I hate: putting laundry away
Dog's name: My parents dog's name is Dallas (we dont have one right now)
Essential to start my day: "Mama..." Go get E...get her milk and cuddle for twenty-minutes, Oh yah and COFFEE
Favorite color: Purple 
Gold or silver: Silver
Height: 5'1
Job: Stay-at-home-mommy and Grad student
Kids: E, 23 mons
Living arrangements: Miserable
Mom's name: Lorena "Lori"
Nickname: Kelli-Sue, KS, KelBel, Kel, Mama
Overnight hospital stay: A few times when I had food posing, and when E was Born
Pet peeve: loud eaters, rude people & stuff along those lines
Quote from a movie: "Just keep swimming" -Nemo
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: Destiny-10 Jessica- 21 & Alicia- 26
Time I wake up: About 6 when Ms alarm goes off and we doze in and out and cuddle till 645/50 when he gets up to get ready then about 7 when E gets up
Unique thing about my car: Um? it has been it a lot of states...
Vegetable I hate: Lettuce
Ways I run late: Usually b/c of E was always early to things before she came along
X-rays I've had: Quite a few
Yummy food I make: Homemde pizza, Chezit Chicken are my two favs
Zoo favorite: Elephants


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Kandid Kelli


Katie said...

Yay for Hayley! :) I hope you are having a wonderful time here in Florida!

Leelers♥ said...

Aww. yay! Im so so excited!