Wednesday, March 31, 2010


E & I NEVER co-slept.

I never let her sleep with me & M*, not even when she was a few days old.

I think it is horrible habit for infants & toddlers; and It is a hard one to break. I believe strongly in building their independence & self-esteem.

We slept in the same room until she was about 6 mons old but never in the same bed. She started sleeping, all night, at 3 weeks old. So I never worried about getting enough sleep, thus giving into letting her sleep with/on me, as most do. I was very blessed as I was a full-time senior in college, in my last semester.

As a new mother of course I LOVED when my newborn fell asleep on my chest like a little froggy while I rocked her, or while I watched TV but I would only let her sleep there for so long before I laid her IN HER CRIB/bassinet. I wanted her to wake up in her own space. I wanted her to be familiar with that space, starting out young.

I never had an issue with laying her in her bed and getting HW done or a shower in, b/c she was used to sleeping in there. So if I needed to do a test or was in desperate need of a shower and tummy time/ swing/ bouncy seat wasn't going to cut it the crib was always her comfort zone. I think that is partially why she is such a wonderful sleeper now. She sleeps 12-13 hrs a night and takes 2, 1.5-2hr naps A DAY! EVERY DAY. That wonderful sleeping started at 3wks old.

I think they should sleep in their own bed, for many reasons. Not only does it help build self -esteem & confidence it gives them a since of "this is mine" & comfort, as well as independence.

Don't get me wrong. I am not ice cold. We have our AM cuddles- E-V-E-R-Y single AM. I get her up change her and then we cuddle in mama & dada's bed. Sometimes w.a movie or NickJr... Sometimes with a book. Sometimes we just talk and I let her drink her milk. She is a super cuddler though, I would lay there forever if I could, but I have school and (event hough I am temp. staying with the in-laws) house work as well as lots of playing.

Co-Sleeping also takes away from intimate (not just sex) time from mommy & daddy. It also endangers the child, no matter how "withit" you are, you can accidently roll over on your child, etc.

I am against co-sleeping for many reasons.

I have raised a well adjusted, happy, healthy, INDEPENDENT 2 year old (in 4 days- ek!). I am happy with the decision I made to no co-sleep & when M & I decide to have another child I will no co-sleep with him/her either.


*She sleeps with M & I every now and again (she is almost 2) for a few hours if she is having a rough night or isn't feeling well- never all night. She STARTS in her own bed & ENDS in her own bed. I can count on ONE hand the # of times this has happened.

see ya tomorrow for "Convo w/a Toddler"

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Kandid Kelli


Whitney said...

All of my children slept with me or in the same room until they were 3 months old and I personally never had a problem with them sleeping in their own beds. Or pretty much anywhere for that matter! Lol! I completely respect and agree with you about co-sleeping, but I'll admit that I'm pro-choice on this issue!

Jessica said...

I am not a mother but I agree with you on this. And I hope I'm that successful when I do become a parent.