Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

E blows me away, numerous times daily. She can count to 10, She is working on her 'A,B, C's' and doing well. She repeats EVERYTHING you say... and I do mean EVERYTHING. I am in school two nights a week, so from 530 when I leave till 805 when she goes to bed daddy is in charge.

The other day we had to run up to the grocery store to get chicken for dinner. On our way back, it was about 550p- (still light out but the moon was peaking out):

E: Look Mommy!!! [pointing to the sky]
Me: [expecting to see a plane, as that is her new 'thing'- no plane] What am I looking at honey?
E: MOON mama MOON!!!
Me: [Stunned b/c I don't remember teaching her about the moon- I smile] Yes baby- the moon.
E: My moon. Mr. Moon.
Me: Oh thats your moon? Blow him smooches!
E: muuuwaaahhh! [puts her hand to her mouth and blows a kiss]
Me: Aw what a sweet girl

-A WHITE car passes us-

E: White car mama!! White car.
Me: Yes. very good. That is a white car. [Claps my hands]

-Pulling into the driveway-

E: ByeBye Moon. Bye. muuuwaaahhh!
Me: Aw. Bye Mr. Moon!!

Come to find out, while outside playing (while I was in class) b/c it stays light out so late, M taught E about the Moon b/c you could see it even though it was still light out.

I am so proud of her and her daily successes. She is talking up a storm. She says 5-7 new words a day!! Its outstanding. She continues to blow me away.


Thank Goodness Tomorrow's Friday-- E's 2nd bday party is SATURDAY and her actual bday is Sunday the 4th (Easter) I will be posting my "letter'" to her sometime during that day, prolly after all the family festivities. I rarely post on the weekend but this is a VERY special occasion.

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli

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