Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Thoughts for Today"

-I am glad that Nadia Bloom was found ALIVE!

-I am cold. I am in jeans, fuzzy Crocs, long sleeves and a sweatshirt & I am still cold. Its only getting COLDER (47 and raning) not warmer out. WTH. Come on Warm weather! I am inside but I don't want to kill the electric bill for the In-Laws. Already has gone up since ive been here.

-I have been so hungry lately. IDK why.

-I love Tanning & the results. Even though I know how harmful it is. I will nvr be a "bronzed goddess" but I love the glow I have... I WANT TO SHOW IT OFF BY WEARING SKIRTS, SHORTS & DRESSES!!

-E has developed and attitude & I am not fond of it.

-I am NOT happy w.Chrlie Crist. I hope HE KILLS THE BILL . Its an insult to good FL teachers.

-I NEED to schedule E's 2 yr pictures. IDK why I am procrastinating on this. She turned 2 two weeks ago .

-I do not differentiate between boy toys/girl toys. If my daughter likes it, she can play with it. She doesn't HAVE to play with dolls and pink frilly stuff. Cars and trucks & tools are just as good. She likes dress-up and fake make-up just as much. Leave her be, shes exploring her world and what she likes.

-I am very lonely here. I have NO FRIENDS here. [I know one person & that is M's best friend, E's GodFather, Chip. I don't see him much as he has his own life. I kind of know Caleb, a friend of M & Chips, they all went to school together but he lives like 2 hrs away. We havn't seen him since Oct. Hes coming over Sat to hang and for dinner.] The girls here are not interested in "becoming/making friends" its quite special.

-I feel bad saying this, b/c its my job, next to school, but some days I feel as if I need a break. Just an hr or two. "Mama, Mommy, Mom, Ma" 100,000,000 times a day for no reason is driving me bonkers!

-Drs piss me off esp. the ones that are only worried about THEIR bottom line & THEIR take home. What happened to worrying about your patients well being? Just sayin'

-I am still pissed about the ending in "Law Abiding Citizen" -- Awesome movie till the last 15mins.

-Is 2 o'clock to early for a cocktail?


Ive been the defination of a scatter mommy brain as of late. Hopefully I am back on track.

I know I have the most loyal and beautiful readers around!

I love your faces!

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli


Queen Caylor said...

Hope it warms up soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that Nadia Bloom was found alive, too! Such a happy ending to a very scary story. And I hope Crist kills the bill, too. We should know by Friday. Fingers crossed!!!

Amanda♥Lynne said...

No. Sometimes 2 o'clock isn't too early ;0)

Rachael said...

I just saw Law Abiding Citizen! I really liked it.

Also, I'm booked at work (um she really doesn't belive in days off) until Saturday the 24th. Are you free that day? SAVE THE DATE <3