Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Something I Always Have..."

I love my purse ALL purses. My loving fiance, M, doesn't get the need to buy numerous bags. If you have ONE then your set. He has ONE wallet. That I got him well over a yr ago, before that he had had it for MANY of yrs and it was ratty and FALLING apart.

This is the new bag I have been carrying, on & off since Christmas. I got it from my parents. Of course I'm in love not only b/c its a LIMITED EDITION, but b/c its GIGANTIC.

Being a mother I need a lot of room. Yes I carry [this] as my diaper bag. But for quick trips its just my MONSTROSITY of a purse.

Many of people wonder just what's in the depths of my purse? Well b/c I love your faces so much this is a list of the supplies I need to surive stuff that can be found in my duffle purse:

My wallet. I'm a big fan of this wallet ; I snagged this off eBay, for super cheap, thats where I get most of my VB. (I put my lipgloss/chapsticks where they have a cell pictured)
This smaller 'wallet'. It holds various gift cards M & I received as a couple or individually @ Christmas/Birthday. Seeing as we only shop/eat out together in my purse they go.
A small make-up bag. It has the necessities- a compact, a few eyeshadows that match EVERYTHING, eyeliner, mascara, bronzer, concealer, blush, gloss.
Hairties (mine & E's).
A pack of gum.
Various pens.
A USB flashdrive & my oldschool iPod Shuffle (i hate the color pink but at the time, purple was not an option).
My car keys.
A lint roller- travel sized in purse- (full sized in car).
A pacifier. Sometimes more then one. (maybe a sippie cup if we're running out- ive also found a random E sock too!)
Lotion, Hairspray, Hand Sanitizer, Super Glue, Tide To-Go mini.
Camera (point & click).
Small Umbrella.
Tanning Lotion (for face) & 'eye-wear'. (my body stuff is in my car)
Various Meds for headaches & migraines.
Random receipts & paper scraps

Since I've tried to ween off the 'diaperbag' when going on errands (even though its always in the back seat) I find more and more of E's crap stuff, like: sock(s), shoes, sippies, babas, toys, etc. I tried to use a smaller bag... you know less crap. NOPE. It just aggravates me b/c NOTHING fits,



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-Kandid Kelli


Queen Caylor said...

Kevin is the same way. I've had the same purse since Christmas. Usually I get a new one every month! But this one is perfect and until I can find one that is like this one, I'll be sticking with it!

& that Coach is positively GORGEOUS!

Katie said...

I love all purses. The Coach one I got for Christmas hasn't come off of my shoulder since, though, so I think I've found one I'm sticking with for a while. I'm sure Joey is thrilled!

Hayley said...

Kelli, your purse is a suitcase. haha.

Katie, I loooove the Coach you got for Christmas!