Friday, April 2, 2010



When you’re in my heart, you’re in my family,
When I’m in your heart, I’m in your family.
When you’re in my heart, you’re in my family,
When I’m in your heart, I’m in your family!
Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers,
Cousins, friends, sons and daughters,
Uncles, aunts, and grandparents
I’m so glad you’re my family!

Oh, I’m so glad you’re my family.
I’m so glad you’re my family
I’m so glad you’re my family
I’m so glad you’re my family.

Even if you’re far away
or if I see your every day
when you’re in my heart to stay
You’re my family!

This song is featured on NickJr (formally known as Noggin), its called- "My Family" -Laurie Berkner Band

I love this song so much, which is good b/c I heard it like 3 times a day thanks to E loving NJ. It says one small but POWERFUL word in there that makes me love the song even more... FRIENDS.

I consider my friends my family, esp as I get older- my girlfriends are "auntie" and my guy friends and "uncles". Hayls is my sister. I have known her longer then all 3 of my sisters... you might be scratching your heads, wondering how that works.

Well I have known her 22yrs. My oldest STEPsister is 26 but I've only known her for 10yrs. My younger stepsister is 21 but I've only known her for 7/8 yrs. My baby half sister is only 10yrs old- I've known her for all 10 of those (lol). So Hayls Pwns everyone, totaling 22 yrs- simple math.

If I call you a friend, consider that an honor [conceded? maybe]. Over the years I have gone through friendships, for various reasons, but it's always the faults of both parties. The ones that have stuck have been totally legit & worth the WORK effort. I don't have the energy (anymore) to chase you, although I shouldn't have to chase you, if you want to be in my life ( and want me in yours it should be easypeasy). If I let it slip its b/c friendship like communication is a TWO-WAY STREET, I am too busy to work it alone.

Communication seems to be a problem with a lot of people, esp females. Guess what, like just mentioned. It works two ways. Males don't play childish games, if they want to talk/chill they contact you. No games. I will make my form of contact then the ball is in your court, thanks to technology there are soo many forms of contact. I am NOT a fan of phone talking. Used to be but as of late, I am not a fan- I live in a foreign (to me) place and I get lost a lot. I am not going to break my back or stress my self out about your contacting me back- If I made the last 'move' then thats all I worry about- sounds bitchy but, I am a mother, a graduate student, and soon I will be planing a wedding. I've got a lot going on. I don't have time to chase you. Family understands that & frankly family shouldn't be chased- they are just there, always.

Family also can pick-up right where they left off. It can be weeks, months since last contact (I love you Danielle) & when you talk again its like NO TIME has passed- ever. This is esp. important to me b/c I have moved so far away and there are going to be times where we don't talk b/c LIFE HAPPENS but you can't let that stand in the way of your relationship.

In the end all you have is family. Like the song says:

When you’re in my heart, you’re in my family,
When I’m in your heart, I’m in your family.

Am I in your heart? B/c if you're reading this there is a good chance you're in mine.


Have a fabulous Easter weekend & I will be back Easter Sunday... A.K.A My Daughters 2nd Birthday (Ek!) with a heartfelt letter to her.

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli


Jessica said...

Have a wonderful Easter and happy birthday to beautiful Emmy!

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of phone talking, either, but I also used to be. I think I communicate better by writing, so what I want to say always comes across clearer in an e-mail. Plus, it's just easier. Who has time to talk on the phone anymore?!


Laura Sue said...

i loved this! i hope you had a great easter!