Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Tutus & Plastic Eggs"

In lieu of Convo w/a Todder...

This is the post where all you lovelies get to feel as if you were at Miss E's bday celebration-- I am going to BAMBOOZLE you with a boatload of cuteness & tutus...

...and just when you think you can't take it anymore...

...I am got to hit you with EASTER pics, FULL of PASTELS, BIG PINK BOWS, Plastic eggs, baskets, hunts & Family. & Mainly b/c, well folks that was her REAL birthday.

So sit back and imagine the most perfect sound in the world... the sound of a child LAUGHING b/c that is the only thing that the internet can not provide you in this wonderful journey...

The Reveal (a little blurry b/c she was spinning in a circle like a ballerina)

The annual Mama/Birthday Girl picture (Ignore pregnant nikki in the background b/c she would kill me if she knew this was on here)

The Daddy/Daughter Birthday Picture

Our Family picture... Shes ready to get down and GO PLAY!!!!

Alessandra & Emmy... Instant buds playing

More playing & running... That tutu did NOT hold her back

"I catch it Sanda"

How cute is this?

There was FOOD...

"Look @ Me!"

Yes we are TWINIES

Not into the "Happy Cake"

Yumm Yumm A cookie!

"Puzzle!!!" She loves her some puzzles...Like A Lot!!

Present from mommy & daddy... A trike: "My Bike!"

She got some pants on... Got chilly

E & Nana... (with her new Nemo... from nana & papa)

Had enough CUTENESS yet?!... Well we're not done yet... Moving along...

-EASTER Festivities-

Getting all set up to dye the eggies!!

HUMMM.. What is this? She is interested

This is actually pretty fun. (She LOVED dropping the eggs in the colors & mixing the colors, most of her eggs were a brownish color)

No stay in there "silly eggie"

Her Basket

Easter AM (the bags are from both sets of gparents- his parents & my mom/tom)

She didn't hesitate to DIG RIGHT IN...

EGG HUNT!!! (Loving how adorable she looks! Her bow makes her look so grown-up)

She got the concept & quickly became a PRO!

Found another!!!

Look @ her go...

Showing off her eggs w.Mommy

Our (1st) Easter Family Photo

The girl cousins- E & Jori... Boo was taking a nap.


WHOA buddy... Tired? I am. I took 200+ pics in 2 days, It was hard to pick just a few but I hope you enjoyed the ones I chose.

As if that wasn't busy enough, Tuesday she went for her well baby exam... 30% for weight, 95% for height (shes 36.5in- 25lbs...very TALL and skinny) and got 2 shots. SHE wailed. poor thing. Took a 3 hour nap. But all in all the Dr (who is wonderful LOVE him), said she is 100% perfect! Not to worry about her weight (she's always been a peanut) & that once our gallon of Whole milk is gone she can drink what we do, which is 1%. I said okay. :) Great Check-Up. Thats what I LOVE to hear.

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli


Queen Caylor said...

looks like a fun weekend!

Whitney said...

What a cutie!

S.I.F. said...

Precious! And she has just the best smile ever!