Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Wordless Wednesday"

With a few words...

We got Es Two yr pics FINALLY taken this past sunday (as well as some fam shots).

To my dismay when I was calling around to schedule them Kiddie Kandids, where her 3,6,9 & 12 mon pics were shot had closed their doors. I LOVED the quality of their photos (as well as their prices). We were usually in & out in about an hr and the service was great.

Since they were OOB I had to go else where. I had heard great things about THE PICTURE PEOPLE & I knew JCP was great. I finally decided on TPP.

NEVER AGAIN. Worst experience of my, M & Es life.
-She couldn't get E to smile. I have never jumped, joked and wiggled so much in my life. She was DULLCITY.
-M & E were in white they gave us a white background- seriously?! Im not in the biz & I know better. Try black, please. They only have the two colors too. Black or white.
-After the shoot they said our photos would be ready for viewing in 15. We came back in 20. NO ONE WAS IN THE STORE! NO ONE. We waited for over 25mins before we saw life & had to wait 15MORE mins before we were even spoken too.
-Then the 'sales girl' flew through the 'packages' HOLY EXPENSIVE. I had a coupon but I couldn't use it with a package or blahblah ended up getting some sheets. She ended up not knowing what she was doing.

-2 HOURS later... we left to go to lunch. E was in a terrible mood and lunch was miserable, we rarely go out to eat and the one time we did it was miserable b/c out toddler was not happy from getting her pics taken.



Katie said...

Beautiful photos!

Queen Caylor said...

Such a cute lil family!

Nicole said...

I love these fam pics! Soooo cute!