Friday, March 5, 2010

"Blog Exercise"

This is great! I I got it from JessCaylor over @ Random Rantings, last week.

We as women are so negative and down on ourselves I think this is a good activity to help us think more positively about ourselves.

I'll start, you should follow.

First, we are going to name 3 physical traits that we actually like about ourselves. Then, we are going to name 3 talents we have. Next, we'll state 3 accomplishments we are proud of. After that, we will name 3 personality traits or qualities of ours we are glad we have. And last, we will name 3 people that we know love us unconditionally -- faults, insecurities and all.

3 Physical Traits:
1. Im short (I actually like that)
2. My eyes
3. My shoulders

3 Talents:
1. Baking/cooking (im not bad if I do say so)
2. Dancing (classical & freesyle)
3. Freestyle writing

3 Accomplishments:
1. Graduating college Bachelors & going back for my Masters
2. Being a GREAT mommy under the circumstances
3. Never giving up, period

3 Personality traits or qualities:
1. Im personable
2. Im dependable
3. Im Open minded

3 People that love me undonditionally:
1. Mom
2. Matt
3. Emmy
4.God (I had to add an extra!)


Hope you have a great Friday!

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Thx for sticking by me for 200... I hope I can make 400!!

Don't miss a beat, keep up in between posts, I Tweet , are we friends?


Kandid Kelli

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dadshouse said...

Keeping it positive is the best way to be!