Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Baby Fever"

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As the mother of a toddler who will be 2 years old in about 3wks, I am asked by many [strangers & family alike] "Do you have the fever yet?"

The fever? What the heck are talking about? Then when I was ogling a little baby at the store and the mother looked at me and said, "My son was about the age of yours [motioning towards E] when it hit me, I got baby fever! I had to have another" "Shes two right?"

Stunned, I noded my head. the difference in a few weeks didn't matter to this stranger. I would never see her again.

"As soon as I had this one I put my son in 1/2 day preschool so this one would get me all to herself for 1/2 day, its only fair b/c my son had me all to his self."

My initial thoughts were "Why in the heck is this woman telling me all of this?" Then I remembered What it was like with a newborn. How lonely it can get. Her cart was empty, she was here just to get out of the house and she jumped at the chance to talk to the first person who 1) ogled her baby too long or 2) looked nice enough to talk to her and she supposed that was me. Passers by probably thought we were old friends catching up.

I do not by any means have baby fever. Sure [in time] I want another child. I want to be more financially stable and OUT OF SCHOOL. I want to have been married for a little while as my marriage will be different then most as I come with a wonderful addition. I want to get into a grove as a family unit before we go & start trying to expand our family.

I had a beautiful pregnancy, with a few hiccups. I was put on 'suggested' bedrest in the middle of my 2nd trimester because my daughter was no growing due to the high level of stress [GD walking out, moving home, divorce] in my life. Followed by not being allowed to drive because I was so as big around as I was tall [5'1] and my belly hit the steering wheel- so unsafe. Then in the last few weeks there was mandated bedrest because the baby girl in my belly was so tiny. I was never sick and I loved sustaining that life within me. I most defiantly want to do it again, I have found my soulmate, just not because my daughter is two.

People say baby fever strikes because when your child reaches two years old "they don't need you anymore"- That is complete bull. My little one needs mama all the time. I am enjoying this stage. The actual conversations, eating of real people food, wanting to be just like mama and most importantly sleeping all night long.

I don't miss getting up every few hours for feedings, taking a humongous diaper bag filled to the brim with the whole house with me for a quick trip to the store, not knowing what s/he needs because s/he can't tell me.

This stage is great, as my daughter needs me in a different way then she did before. She is learning how to do all the things that us adults take for granted everyday. Like go to the potty use a fork and spoon, drink from a big girl cup and not a sippie cup, and dress herself. All these things are taught things. Not things that just happen. We also work on reading and counting and our animal sounds and body parts.

Growing up I always said I wanted my children to be close (2-3 years) in age, but when your 12 years old you don't expect life's curve balls. I will ogle babies in stores. Or even better friends and family's babies. I will look back on my not so little one's first year scrap book and reminisce on those days and then I will go sleep all night.

Being a toddler is hard work, being a toddlers mommy is even harder work.


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Amanda♥Lynne said...

I got it. The fever, that is. For the first year and a half of my son's life, I was convinced I did NOT want another child. I knew that as time went on, I might possibly consider another, but I thought that time would be far off. But a few months ago it hit, and it hit strong. I want another one, a companion for my boy, someone who can help him learn to share, teach. I'm ready to experience the miracle of pregnancy/childbirth again. I am just ready! BUT we are holding off until AT LEAST this summer. Maybe later. And yes, my son is two. LoL.