Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Book Worm"

I read. A lot.

It's not news to yall I am sure. Remember I got a Kindle for my birthday back in June.

Since then, I have read 2 books on my lovely & 4 regular books. Some books I just want the actual books, if its by a certain author or if its a book like PostSecret or Cake Wrecks

When I read I let myself get completely lost in the book. I feel like I know the characters & I think about who would play them if it were a movie. I think that is the best way to read... to loose yourself 100% in the book.

Once I start a book I must finish it, no matter how slow the book is when it starts or how boring I think the book is. I can't not finish one, usually I am not disappointed & when I am, I always say I will never do that again. I always do anyways.

When I was in school, it used to boggle my mind how quickly I could fly through a book of my choosing but a book assigned to me (or a textbook) I dreaded & would get tired and fall asleep. No matter how UN-TIRED I was.

I think my daughter is becoming quite the book worm too... she has tons of books, for someone under the age of two. Loves when I read to her and you can catch her at any given time sitting on the floor or in her chair "reading" on her own. They say children learn by example. I guess that is true, she sees mama reading so she reads. Smart girl.

It has become a lot harder to read since E has gotten older, but it is something I love so I make the time for it. Less TV at night or during the day E and I will have "reading time" where we will both read. She loves that time of the day, usually after lunch. I will read to her first then she will 'read' on her own and I will read too. But just b/c I have a toddler does not mean I have to put something that I love and that relaxes me on the back burner, you learn how to make time for it.

I have a couple of authors that I just love. For example, I have read all of Nicholas Sparks books except his newest one "The Last Song" ( its on my list of "books to buy") he is an author I have to have the actual book. No reading NS on the Kindle.

Another author I love is Elin Hilderbrand , I have read 2 of her 8 books and I am working on a third. I read her on my Kindle. I like her style of writing and will continue to read her books in succession of how she wrote them, until I am done with all eight. I stumbled upon her by accident, I am glad I did.

Thats just two of my many favorites, we don't have all day for me to go on & on. Thats another post for another day. :)

While I was on bedrest with E I read 13books. I was also in school. I would rather read then watch TV.

I guess I like to leave reality for a while, but hey! who doesn't. I will read some books more then once but that is rare, but I also WILL NOT get rid of books either. I am a "book pack rat" in that sense.

One thing I love about books is you can tell where I was and what I was doing in that time of my life by the types of books I was reading & that is how they are on my bookshelves. By my "life-periods". I don't discriminate. I will read all kinds of books: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Auto-Bios, etc...

I love to share and swap books w.my bestie Hayls ... I esp like it when we're reading the same book so we can gossip about it... our own little book club.

Right now I am reading: Nantucket Nights by Elin Hilderbrand


Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun!

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Anonymous said...

Books! My second love (behind my husband). I'm like you--I love to read and I will finish reading anything, regardless of how I like it or not. Right now, I'm rereading Eclipse. :) I miss working at a trade publishing house because I used to get free books all the time!

BB! said...

I think you'd be good at writing kid's books. Both for "fun" reading and academic reading.

You could start with specializing a story for Mila...

Nicole said...

I cannot relate with you here...I would MUCH rather watch TV than read a book. And the books I do read are finance books! hehe. And that's like hardly ever anymore b/c of the wedding/moving/buying a house.

Hayley said...

I love trading books with you! :)