Thursday, November 26, 2009

"Convo w/a Toddler"


I haven't been peed on in OVER a year!! E is almost 2 yrs old. Keeping that in mind [we've been back and forth w.the potty training, at first she was all about it, the lost interest so I was not going to push it well these last 2 weeks she re-gained her interest] this is how I GOT PEED ON:

After breakfast while playing & intermittently watching playhouseDisney:

E: PeePee Mama.
Me: You have to go peepee?
E: Yah [in her super whiney voice]
Me: Okay, lets go to the potty. [I lean down to pick her up]
E: NOOOOOO! [shaking her head violently]
Me: You said you have to go peepee baby?
E: No ore [ore=more] mama.
Me: Okay honey, Mama loves you. [she kisses me and runs off to play w.some noisy]

**Not even 2 minutes later--

E: Peepee!!
Me: Did you go peepee?
E: No mama, peepee!!
Me: You need to go peepee?
E: [running to the babygate] Yes.
Me: [as I am leaning down to pick her up] Okay big girl, lets go doodles.
E: No ore, no ore... I want down... down!!!
Me: You need to go to the potty baby.
E: No ore.
Me: Let me check your diaper baby. [I wanted to see if she went in her diaper & thats what she was trying to tell me, I can understand her words but not always what she is trying to get across]-- Diaper checked... DRY.
Me: Okay baby. Your good to go.

**About 3 mins pass--

E: Mama?
Me: Yes E?
E: ook (either look or book im not quite sure)
Me: Oh yah!! [shes bringing me a book to read her, she climbs up on the couch & I start to read to her...ONE PAGE IN:
Me: Okay, lets go. [at this point I am past the questions, I figure she either has gone, has to go or has to go and is learning how to hold it and that is NOT good at such a young age]
E: LOUD SIGH... mama [very whinny] mamma...
Me: We're gunna go to the potty so you can peepee.
E: Okkkkkkkkk

**We get to her room and I put her down and she stops in front of the changing table, grunts & points.
Me: You don't want to go potty? [[she has a bathroom in her bedroom [baller, right?]]
E: No mama, up up up!!
Me: Okay, do you need a new diaper?
E: Yah mama.
Me: Big girl for telling mama!! [like I said we're just getting back into the potty training so if we have accidents, its no big thing, brush it off & try again later,shes not even 2]

**I pick her up and put her on the changing table, as I am pulling down her pants:

E: Peepee mama peepee.
Me: I know baby, We're gunna get you a new clean diaper.
E: Peeeeeeepeeeeee

**I am unfastening her diaper and I wipe her and her diaper looks pretty dry, but I don't want E to think I don't believe her. Plus the "peepee" thing had been going on for a while, so I pull the old diaper out and Emmy exclaims "PEEEEPEEE!!!!" and Goes... ALL OVER MY ARMS/HANDS, the changing table. She bursts out laughing.

All I could do is smile. Im sure she finally felt better. Got it ALL out. Part of being a mommy is getting peed on, thrown up on, etc... I love every second of it too.

WIth this witty tale... Go enjoy your TURKEY, STUFFING & CRANBERRIES!!!

Don't forget to come back next week for more Convo's w/a Toddler!


Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun!

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Nicole said...

Oh man....E knows how to make a girl laugh!!!!!