Friday, November 20, 2009

"Wire-hanger to the Rescue!"

If you follow me on Twitter (or even if your my friend on FB b/c my incessant tweeting goes to my FB) you might remember back on Nov 11 (last week) seeing this:

"E broke a toy she rarely plays w.yestdy and now she is freaking out bc I havn't fixed it yet... GO PLAY WITH THE MILLION OTHERS YOU HAVE!!!"

Well I have been trying to fix said toy.

Emmy shoved one of her little people

Into the curve of the toy. After I put her to bed, I got scissors and since my hands/wrist/lower arm is so small I stuck my hand in there with the scissors slightly open and tried to grab the little persons head to pull her out. GREAT LOGIC, right? WRONG! My hand slipped and I pushed her even further in!

This is where little person started out:

After I the scissors pushed her further in:

& I gave it a second try & this is where she ended up:

Then she was stuck, b/c of her little arms that stick straight out to the side!! OMG. What do I do now? E plays with her little people all the time. She has like 5 of them and a little dog & loves them.

So then after trying numerous things I took the ball popper apart and turned it upside down and started banging it on the ground. She was stuck. DAMN IT. I was video chatting w.Hayls and she was like use a wire hanger, duh. Why hadn't I thought of that.

So I took a wire hanger... (stock photo)

and I bent it to look like this:

and I GOT THE LITTLE PERSON OUT!!! She is FREE & Back w/her friends! & E is one happy little girl.

Happy Family...

It took some finagling but I got that sucker outta there. When I told M the story after he was done laughing he told me Im "supermom" < I'll take that title, with pride. Till I mess something up.

Have a great weekend & I will see yall back here, bright-eyed & bushy tailed MONDAY AM.

Bye lovvers!!

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun!


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Elizabeth said...

Congrats on freeing the little person!!! Just wait til your getting marbles out of noses. Yes, I've done this...more than once. Parenting is all about improvising. Adapt and over come, baby!!! You'll be amazed at the other uses you'll find for standard household products. And you are a Supermom, every day. Dont ever forget that, Kelli.

Nicole said...

hahaha that is TOO funny!!!!

Hayley said...

love the wire hangers! :)