Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Thanksgiving Thursday"

There is ONLY 14days (2 weeks) till Thanksgiving.

So for the next 2 Thursdays I want to do a list of the things I am thankful for.

This week I want to do it with a twist.

The twist: @ first I did not quite see it as blessing, but in the end it was.

- Not finding a [fulltime] job after graduating college... this was a blessing b/c it led me to look into GRAD school. I start in 76 days!!! God works in mysterious ways. :)

- M moving back to PA... this was a blessing b/c it brought us so much closer together and showed us how strong our relationship really is.

- Moving back home when I was 20+wks preg... I know this was almost 2 yrs ago now but @ first I was mad about this but now I am more than THANKFUL I had a great support system when I needed it the most. My daughter got to know her family (and extended family... ie my friends who are her aunties and uncles) & I got to REALLY discover who I am as a person.

I am going to stick with three for today...

Now its YOUR turn!!! Give me some things your THANKFUL for but with the TWIST... G-O-!

Stay tuned to see how we do it next week!!! When the count will be t-miuns 1week till TURKEY and FOOTBALL & MACYS TGIVING DAY PARADE!!!!

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun!


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Nicole said...

Great blog, and good idea. I shall think of mine....

~The South Dakota Cowgirl~ said...

Hey Kelli- Great Idea! I'm doing a 30 days of thanksgiving post on my blog where i chronicle something I'm thankful for, each day in Nov. You are welcome to come over there and share as you want.

I found you through Urban Cowboy. I like it over here!

Jessica said...

you've been tagged in my blog!