Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"It's MY birthday NOT theirs!!!"

Yes you read that right... no need for a double check.

Hayley over at Blue Eyed Blonde & I have noticed a trend lately... Not only buying a gift for the birthday person but their siblings as well.

This has always bothered me but it really got to me when I was at my family Wal-Mart last week, getting my little cousin Luke his b-day gift (no i didn't buy anything for his sibling, who is still in mommys belly). Just Luke.

Well while E and I were Looking at all the toys, it was just her and I in the isle when all of a sudden this family comes flying down the isle. This woman had 4 kids under 6 (give or take?) and one on the way. Her husband? Boyfriend? whatever he was, was on his phone chattering away not helping, not paying attention. She says to him:

Her: We need to get Sammy's birthday gift.
Him: Okay. Pick something, I am busy.
Her: What should we get him, hes your bestfriends son.
Him: Woman you pick.
Her: How old is his sister? We need to get her something too.
Him: Why? Its not her birthday.
Her: You can't just get him something and not her, she will feel left out.

He rolled his eyes. She asked her son to help her pick a gift:

Her: What do you thin Sammy would like Jesus?
Jesus: This Elmo boat toy here...
Her: Okay. We'll get that.
Jesus: I want that Yo Gabba Gabba toy mom!!
Her: Okay, sit down. [now the other two that can talk join in- one is a baby and unable to speak]
Daughter: Mom if Jesus gets that I want a doll...
Mom: Fine, just be quiet, we will go get it in a second & we will get one for Sammy's sister too.
Younger son: I want chalk mom.
Mom: William, no that is too messy.
William: Then I want legos.
Mom: Okay, here [hands him the legos].
Daughter: What does Mark-Paul get ma?
Mom: Well hes a baby. Nothing.

She finally turns to the man:

Her: Mark! Okay we got a gift, we just need to get a bag for this and a card and we can go.
Him: Why do they all have toys?
Her: They are quiet aren't they?
Him: We came for ONE thing, why are we leaving with 5 toys?

[[I can tell him why! He wasn't helping with his kids.]]

We picked our toy and squeezed out of the isle. Im not one to stick around for domestic issues. No thx.

But anyways I don't get this trend of buying for siblings. It makes the birthday person feel less special & doesn't teach the sibling that you wait till your day for special gifts & special "spot-light attention".

Well you might ask what if someone buys a gift for the sibling, what do you do? You say thank you, don't give it to the child at the birthday party or on the birthday persons special day. Don't take away from their day. Also tell that person that the only person who gets gifts on birthdays is the birthday person. Then when enough time has passed you can give the sibling the gift from the gift- buyer & explain who it is from.


you can say thank you but no thank you & explain about how birthdays work in your home and kindly ask them to return their gift.

If I remember correctly every kid leaves a party with a little something? The "goody" bag. Give the sibling one of those bad boys! They are loaded w/tons of goodies!

**Birthday gifts for siblings= A BIG NO**... that might go on birthday invitations when I have another child... right by the RSVP.

Until then I will continue to only buy for the child whos birthday we are celebrating. It is THEIR special day.

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun!


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Katie said...

Agree 100%!!! This is one of my biggest pet peeves.

walkingonsunshine18 said...

Wow - I didn't even know that was a rule!? That's so bizarre!

Nicole said...

Believe it or not...before Hayley and you said anything I had NO idea people actually did that. How incredibly stupid.