Monday, November 30, 2009

"Its a Mom Thing..."

"...Real World Insights for Profoundly Imperfect Mothers"

(shotty iPhone pic)

I got that book from someone at one of my babyshowers. Im sorry to say I can not remember who got it for me, seeing as E is almost 2 (WOW how time flies).

Anyhoodle- I totally forgot about this FANTASTIC book until a few days ago when I found it while I was doing some slight cleaning, in preparation for all the packing I will be doing for my impending move.

When I got it I remember flipping through it, but I was still in school and E was born very soon after my shower so with the hustle and bustle I got busy and the book got pushed aside.

If you have a babyshower for anyone coming up I recommend this as a gift for mom, its a cute lil something. I got this book for a friend of mine b/c I remembered thinking it was funny. I know she enjoyed it.

Well a few days ago when I found it I decided to re-flip through it & I couldn't stop laughing. Even if you're not a mother, you will find some of these "insights" funny. Over they next couple of weeks I will be posting more from the book so keep checking back.

Enjoy: (you dont get the full effect w/o the cute pics)

-I still buy cute underwear, but not too cute because what do you think got me into this mess?

-There's no place like home, unless you can get a baby-sitter. Then, Go! Get out! Hurry!

-The longest distance between two points is a 2-year-old who wants to walk all by herself. (my fav)

-Moms need friends, because you gotta have someone you can cuss in front of. DAMMIT!!!

-Those last 5 post-baby pounds are IMPOSSIBLE to Lose! Especially when you haven't lost the first 20.

-Weird how having a baby makes you remember to take that birth control pill. And sometimes TWO, just in case.

-Yeah, I'd say being a mom has changed my style. Obliterated is a change, right?

-So, if I become a stay-at-home mom, does that mean the kids have to stay home, too? -Just checking.

and lastly (for this week)...

-Wow... I must've kidproofed the cleaning supply cabinet a little too well. Apparently my husband can't get into it.

Hope everyone is having a great (cyber)monday...

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun!

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Jessica said...

-Wow... I must've kidproofed the cleaning supply cabinet a little too well. Apparently my husband can't get into it.

That's hilarious!

Nicole said...

hahaha this is great! And isn't anyhoodle Hayley's word? LoL.