Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Why are some most women looked down upon for admitting they have or feel that they have postpartum depression or the "baby blues"?

I will be the first to admit that after the birth of my beautiful little angel I had a little case of the babyblues [bb]. I cried, alot. I had anxiety attacks that kept me from sleeping & I had hard time asking for help (my aunt had come in town for the soul reason to help me out for a week) I felt overwhelmed. I was a SR in college, so this was an issue.

I called my Dr, he got me right in & told me it was perfectly normal, praised me for actually calling him. Gave me some meds for my anxiety & monitored me.

After 2.5 weeks, I no longer needed meds and I was sleeping on my own again.

I don't think that the little bout of PPD/babyblues makes me any less of a mother. I think I am a stronger person for 1) calling my Dr. 2) getting it under control 3) being strong enough to talk openly about it.

I know Brooke Sheilds has a book out about her struggle with PPD called "Down Came the Rain" . Her Struggle was far far worse than I can ever imagine. She contemplated suicide and didnt bond with her daughter, Rowan, at first. I never had suicidal thoughts and I instantly bonded with E. I have heard wonderful things about Mrs. Sheilds book and when I am done with the book I am currently reading I plan to read hers.

PPD or the BB is nothing to be ashamed of & I feel that a lot of women feel that they should be ashamed of it and not talk about it.

I plan to have more children (1 maybe 2), God willing, one day. Then if my health & age permits (& If my husband is okay with it as well) I would like to be a surrogate, once. Its not a guarantee that I will have the same experience with all my pregnancies & I am not going to let the fact that for a few weeks after delivery I was "sad" deter me from having more children and helping another family achieve their dream of having a child in the future.

For more info on PPD & how to get help you can visit this website

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun!


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Nicole said...

Good blog! I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

Great post! PPD is like infertility--it's so taboo to talk about, yet so many women suffer from it. I can never understand that.