Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Love Letters"

Dear Veterans,

THANK YOU for your service to this wonderful country. My words can't even come close to how thankful I am for you. I was raised in a military family so I do know how much you really do give. Today is YOUR DAY!

Lots of love,


ps- baby I LOVE you soo much!! Thank you for being my HERO! Thank you for your service to this country!! Thank you for "just doing your job" the day you got shot. You deserved your Purple Heart. I love you. Happy Veterans Day!!!


Dear Swine Flu,

You scare people, me included. But your vaccine scares me even more, for some reason I don't trust it. My gut says no way jose! So please stay far far away from me and my family!

Onk Off,

Concerned Citizen


Dear Head Cold,

You hit me like a moving bus Sunday night/Early Monday AM & you suck so bad. You make me irritable, my taste buds are all out of whack & my head feels as if it might explode. Trying to keep up w.a toddler normally is exhausting, but doing it while sick is even more exhausting. I would like for you to politely go away & with out getting my baby girl sick. I don't need her sick.


Sick Mommy in need of some pampering


Dear Tropical Storm/Hurricane Ida,

You are very very UNFASHIONABLY late to the party. Did you miss the memo that hurricane season ended like umm 11 days ago. You are so disappointing, plus you were so fickle, first a tropical depression, them storm then Hurricane Cat 1,2,1 then back to a TS. LAME! If you're gunna come late, do it right, honey. Oh well you seem to be the last one of the season.

You hear that Florida? You can BRING ON FALL now,

FL Resident Jaded by Hurricanes/TS


Dear Traitor aka Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan,

You deserve to be hanged in public. I would attend. I am disgusted by you. If you were "conflicted" then you should have killed yourself. You should have never harmed anyone else. You are NOT a hero, I don't care what "they" tell you. What made you join the US MILITARY in a time of war if you are radical Muslim? You killed 13 INNOCENT people and wounded 29. This veterans day I sure is very emotional. I hope you get what you deserve.


a DISGUSTED daughter,granddaughter, niece, girlfriend, friend & cousin of MEN who served or are serving in the US military

ps- I have not read enough about the Orlando Shooter to write him a love letter. it will come I promise!


Dear OPI Nail Polish,

I love you & all your options. Esp your darker colors, I feel so edgy when I wear them. Makes me urn for cooler weather even more!! Please Fall come to us!! I officially sick of the 80s.

Missing my Boots & Sweaters,



Dear Green Bay Packers,

You broke my heart into soo many pieces Sunday. How could you give that game away? TO THE WORST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE?! You had that game! It was yours! What happened? I am sad. Heart broken. Please redeem yourselves. Soon. I will ALWAYS be a fan but please come back to me with a BIG FAT WIN!!!!


A heartbroken fan in serious need of a WIN


Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun!


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The Urban Cowboy said...

I'm with you on a public hanging for what's his name! And as a veteran...your welcome.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Especially the one to Ida--it made me smile and I needed that!

Nicole said...

haha I LOVE this post!

BB said...

HELL YEAH! Hang his ass!

I'm SO glad you striked the "maj." part. Traitor.

I love this post. All of it.