Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Project Runway"

Hayley, over @ Blue Eyed Blonde loved the show and would talk about it. I had never watched it. I didn't even watch the season premier of the season on Lifetime. I told myself that "I didn't need another show I watched enough already"

One night I was watching a movie on lifetime and it ended at 11. I wasn't tired so I decided to leave the TV on, guess what was on after? The season premiere of Project Runway season 6. I watched it. I got sucked in. I GOT ADDICTED.

Plus Tim Gunn Rocks my world.

While visiting Hayls in jacksonville one weekend, Bravo was doing a PRW marathon of season 5, the season Christian won. I watched that too. LOVED it.

**Spoiler ALERT** (if you haven't seen the Season Finale of season 6)

Right off the bat I loved Carrol Hannah. I wanted her to win. I love how girly her style was; I think it's b/c I am pretty girly, or try to be.

I also liked how she NEVER started drama on the show. She seemed so real as well & she was just so nice to everyone.

When she didn't win I was so mad I declared on Twitter... FB & Myspace that I would NEVER EVER EVER watch PRW again! and I won't watch next season. I am still angry. Irina was 1) A Horrible bitch 2) Not a good designer 3) A Bitch

Last night I was bored and was surfing the web and in doing so CH tweeted (yes I follow her (don't judge me!) and it had a link to her Etsy store !!! Which had a link to her Website. Which Linked to her blog .

Basically I was all up in CHs biznaz last night. Yah Im a huge dork. But I really like her designs. I also decided that Its between her and one other designer for my wedding dress!! Yay. Now M just needs to ask. But I think every girl picks out her dress before she has a groom? yes?

** Did you watch Project Runway? Who was your favorite contestant? **

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun.


"Im on twitter!" ... Are you following me yet?


Katie said...

I had my wedding dress and the type of ring I wanted picked out before Joey ever asked me to marry him. Who doesn't dream about that kind of stuff?!

Hayley said...

I had it all picked out. But, my style has changed since then, and you know some other things have changed. So, I'm not even worrying about it at this point. LOL.

I always say I won't watch again, but I do. And, so will you. :)