Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Convo w/a Toddler"

As E is nearing 2yrs old she is becoming more defiant. Pushing the envelope more and more. I find myself face to face with a fussy, bratty little toddler & a lot of 1 minute timeouts (what?! shes not even 2 yet).

I also find myself trying to decipher what she is trying to say, just to keep her little majesty happy. I am not only a mommy, but I am now a toddler translator. I am actually quite good, yes I am going to toot my own horn. But... If you're in the market for one, I charge by the tantrum. Trust me that can get quite pricy, so keep that in mind. Moving on.

For Instance:
Going to see Santa. We park the car I get out, open the door:

Me: E, you took off your shoes & socks?
E: yes mama. Bow!! [holds up her red hair bow, too]
Me: Annnddd your bow too. Okay give it to mama, I will put it back in for you.
E: No!! Nana.
Me: You want Nana to do it.
E: No. (very whiney) [Holding to bow to her hair, Almost trying to do it alone]
E: Meee!! Meee do it!!
Me: You want to do it?
E: Yes. [struggling. grunting]
Me: Would you like help? [I anticipate a tantrum very soon]
E: [making a frustrated face] NOOOOOO meee do it, no baby!
Nana: Your such a sweet baby, would you like Nanas help.
Me: Here hold mamas keys and give mama your bow Santa is calling your name... [my mom made a faint call for E to distract her... she was getting very mad]
E: Ok.

Once inside, my mom is holding her.

Me: Look! Honey its Santa.
E: CakaCaka [thats how she says santa]
Me: You want to go see him now?
E: [clinging to my mom]
Me: Come on baby, go see Santa.
E: Terrified. No way. [whiney now]
Me: Come see mama. [she comes to me]

We walk up to Santa. She freaks. After numerous tries we leave.

My mom is holding E.

E: ByeBye CakaCaka!!! [Waves!]
Me: You want to go back to see him?
E: No!!!! down...ooowwn [down] balk [walk] mama peese [please].
Me: Mom, E wants to walk, let her down.
Nana: How did you get that she wants dow from that? [Puts E down]
Me: Hold my hand or Nanas hand please. Thank you.

Then we left. On to Target. Oh we should have just gone home. ::shakes head::

This is where the tantrums come in.

Try to put E in the cart. Kicking & screaming happening in the parking lot. My mom gives in and lets her sit in the back. -Strike one. "Mom we need to talk to her versus just giving in"

Once inside E stands up after being asked to sit down more then once, try to move her to the "baby seat", doesnt happen. Mom gives in & holds her. -Strike two. "Mom tell her NO. firmly, then put her in the seat, don't give in"

E wants to walk in BUSY CHRISTMAS TARGET. No way. I get her in "baby seat" Bribe her with ice, horrible but works & its not candy or sweets of anykind.

I walk away for a second to go get something and I hear a blood curdling scream and I think to myself "I hope thats not mine" IT WAS MINE. My mom took her by the TOYS!! Then tried to walk away. Yah, shes almost TWO. she knows what they are. Smooth move. -Strike three. I finished quickly & we left, quickly.

As she was kicking me in the parking lot, b/c Mama is now the bad guy, b/c Nana bought her a bouncy ball. I am not opposed to a spanking, just not in public & not 20 mins after it happened, when we got home. She got put down for a nap. I think that is punishment enough for someone under 2.

I love E so much. This doesn't change how much love I have for her, this is part of being a parent. It is wonderful. Everyday is and this is just a preview of what I can expect in the next couple of yrs and proof that she isn't always the prefect angel I portray her to be. No child is. Although she is PERFECT FOR ME!!

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun.

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Leelers♥ said...

When I take alyssa to target we always go get a $1.50 popcorn and (what she thinks) soda:) Works like a charm :)

Hayley said...

Your child has quite the tantrums. LOL. But, I think i'm gonna miss em. :)