Friday, December 4, 2009

"Christmas Crazies"

Ever notice how crazy people get around the holidays?

Not just about decorating but about gifts for so & so. Then there's the parties & the food etc...

People to me just seem uber stressed from a few days before Thanksgiving till AFTER New Years. That is just way too much time to be stressed, esp. during such a wonderful time of yr too!!

I used to be that way, too. Im not gunna lie, I used to run around like a chicken with my head cut off, everything had to be just so. I needed this recipe for this party & I needed to get my shopping done. Who have I bought for already? etc... Jackie remembers those days, she lived them with me!!

But idk when/what came over me & I stopped wasting my time stressing over it all & started to enjoy it more.

The holidays are a time to spend w/friends & family. Guess what?! If they are your friends (or family) they already know how NOT perfect you are & yet they still love you. They love you for your tiny flaws.

I know you have soo many ppl to buy gifts for, parties to attend or throw, cards to mail out, food to cook, etc.. Heres how I de-stressed myself:

-Christmas Cards: I ordered them before Thanksgiving. One less thing to worry about. Crossed off my list.

-I wasn't cooking Thanksgiving dinner this yr & it was not at my house. Just making a pie. Easy! Made it the night before after E went to bed.

-While the pie was baking I sat down & made a list of everyone who I was sending Christmas cards too & on the other side who I was buying gifts for & ideas of what I wanted to get them (makes shopping easier, if you have an idea)

-Then I called M & asked If he minded doing his family so It was a few less things to pack in the move. We talked about what we were getting everyone & then all he had to do was go buy it. Easy.

-I addressed cards one Saturday while E was eating lunch, dropped them in the mailbox the following Monday. No need for the post office or its crazy lines!

-The shopping. I decided that this year I was going to do it all online. So once I figured what I was getting everyone, I went on a virtual hunt for the best deals. This is so much easier then dragging E to the mall & in & out of a zillion stores. Fighting over parking spots and dealing with sick, flu-y people. No thanks. Plus most places were running great deals Black Friday-Cyber Monday.

-The parties. I have 3 to go to this yr. I decided what I was going to wear to them all last week & besides my presence (& maybe a bottle of wine) I don't need to bring anything. I am not throwing one this yr. (next year for sure!!) My parents are but Thats their stress. Not mine. I have offered help & been denied, I only offer once to keep stress to a minimum. Take it, or leave it.

I understand that if you're doing the cooking for Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner and having a house full of people all holiday season long, due to relatives staying or parties its harder to de-stress, but there is always a way to have less stress in one's life.

Make lists so you don't have to make multiple trips to the market.

Know who/what your buying for Christmas gifts so you don't over buy & set price limits, that usually helps too.

These are all just suggestions. Everyone's lives are different. What worked for me may not work for you. I wish you the best of luck in de-stressing this holiday season....

And remember "tis the season to be jolly"-- Try to relax a little more & enjoy it and don't get so "Christmas Crazy"

Thx for sticking with me [us]... the journey REALLY has just begun.

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Elizabeth said...

I love that I'm not the only person obsessed with lists!!! We limit buying gifts to the kids. The girls normally make gifts for mine & hubs parents. Both our families are huge now since everyone decided to grow up and have kids. And with one income, things can get tight for us. If some 3rd cousin, 4 times removed gets pissed they dont get a gift, oh well!! I'm cooking Christmas dinner this year so I'm stressed about that. But, aside from the fresh stuff that I cant buy yet, I have everything I need in a box in the pantry. Oh, and my shopping is all done!!!!