Friday, February 19, 2010


Have you ever been guilty of judging someone the minute you looked at them?

I know, as a woman, sadly, I have. Do men scrutinize other men as badly as women do other woman? [My male readers please step-up and let us know!]

I started grad school last month & due to illnesses (of teachers) & my first ever SNOW days we missed 2 consecutive weeks.

Last night when I went to my last class of the week I looked around at all the faces, by at this point in the semester, should be familiar to me aren't.

I remember a month ago, on the first day of class, being the first person I in my class, so I like to be early... But as the other students... females walked into the room I found myself judging them, without even realizing it.

I immediately thought to myself "I don't like her b/c of X, Y & Z" WTF is all that about? I was raised NOT to do that. As a christian you are supposed to love everyone no matter what. I didn't know these women from Eve, yet I already was forming opinions from their "covers".

I am not proud of this. But it happened, I am by no means perfect. I work very hard daily to make myself a better person. I want to be the best person I can be, not only for myself, but I want to be a positive role model for E.

But after we did our introductions, of who we are & where we came from & why we came into this profession; I found that I was very off base on my judging & that I in fact shouldn't have been judging those woman to begin with.

Last night was entirely different, knowing what I know about them, there was no judging, just understanding & curiosity. We got a small peak into their lives a month ago w. the introductions, but as the class unfolds and we go about the semester you learn more and more about your classmates (b/c with only 7 people in my class, it makes it easy to get to know them).

I hope now that I am conscious that I did this I can stop it from happening in the future.

**Can you relate to doing something similar to this too? Or Maybe you were the one being judged? Let me know!**


I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, I will be starting on a 15pg research paper & some professional journal "responses" THANKS Grad school for all the homework & trying to cram 2 weeks of missed school all in... really thanks, we DON'T have lives outside of school!

Come back on Monday b/c you know that means "Not Me Monday" ...!!!

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Kandid Kelli


LiLu said...

It sounds better if you call it "having a first impression."

That's what I do. ;-)

BB said...

:-) FINALLY, some blogage about school. Jeebus.

Anywhen, I often find myself looking at girls and going, "Girl, wtf are you wearing? Seriously."

OR this one time, in the student housing lobby, I was walking past the TV & Project Runway was on. I took one look at one of the chicks and said, "Wow! She actually looks human!"

Everyone in the room laughed at me. I actually felt a little embarrassed. :-/ So I guess that's my judgement issue...

Rachael said...

Ugh I hate judging people. I mean, I do it, don't get me wrong. But I know how it feels when it happens to me and it sucks. It's so hard but I try to have an open mind when I first meet people and first impressions aren't always right...I've definitely learned that!