Friday, February 12, 2010

"Why I Love Valentine's Day"

Its not just about couples.

It's not "just a made-up holiday for the card/candy companies to sell cards & goodies.

It's not just about being in love.

It's a reason to make a normal day special.

A reason to wear red & pink; To have hand towels & placemats with little hearts on them.

I Tweeted about being the only person excited about vday... and I got responses about how can anyone afford to be excited? -- To that I say GET CRAFTY WITH THE KIDDOS!! Thats what I did. E & I made homemade Valentines. Not only was it a great way to have some bonding time w/E but crafts are GREAT for children, they get to be creative & use their hands.

We already had: crayons, markers, glitter, paint, paper, envelopes, brushes, glue, & stickers. The total cost of out valentines= the cost of a stamp.

I am also making red heart shaped sugar cookies on Saturday! I love bakinf with E, she has so much fun pouring all the ingredients into the bowl! Cost= $0.00. I already have all the ingredients. It takes like 4 ingredients to make them & most everyone has them already (you might need food coloring if you don't already have it).

I love explaining "my version"(or the version I was taught as a kid) of the "special day" (holiday) to E. I have been doing this since right after she was born. So now its like a tradition, I plan on doing this as long as she will let me & I hope that one day she will do the same for her kids.

I believe that you shouldn't just celebrate love one day a year, that it should be celebrated 365days a year.

I think that Feb. 14 is a day just to highlight not just your better half but YOUR BETTER HALFS. I know that I would not be where I am today w.out my BESTS. So I want to celebrate THEM & I WANT THEM TO KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM & HOW MUCH THEY MEAN TO ME & E.

I love my family & friends, more then words can describe. I want my daughter to feel that kind of love... ALWAYS, not just on February 14! E has changed my life & my outlook on life. I love her so much.

I won't even be with M on Vday till Sunday evening (a work night)... I will be in DE w.his family. We're leaving to go to their other house (in about an hr)... to check the damage(s) from the Blizzard & will be gone till Sunday night, so Im not just saying all this b/c "I have a Valentine". Im saying it b/c its how I feel.

The holiday's are more for E now. Its all about making sure she enjoys them! Being positive for her!!

I have ALWAYS loved ANY holiday but I love them even more now b/c I get to see them through the eyes of a beautiful child... what better way?




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