Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

Sharing is a habit I want to instill in not just E but in all my [future] children, its a good habit & teaches good life skills. Normally she is pretty good at it, but she is still learning, being that is isn't quite 2 yet (yes that is my excuse for EVERYTHING, when she is doing something less then stellar). Anyhow These next 3 "convos" all 'highlight' the little issue we've been having with sharing lately.

As most all of you know I am an only child by birth. I have 2 step-sisters & 1 1/2 sister (for more info on the ppl that play a role in my life go here ). Well Jessica doesn't children she just got into OSUCOD & Des is too young @ 10 y/o!! So the only other child E has had to "compete" w.for attention from grandparents is MG, Alicia's 4 y/o daughter. My dad & Jane have custody of her, so MG see's them 24/7, so when E would come over she would 'stand-down' so there really wasn't a competition for attention. Well... this past weekend I went w.M's family (His mom/dad/sis/BIL& their 2 kids) to their beach house in DE to check it for damage from the two snow storms that had just passed (none- Thank goodness!). Needless to say competition/jealousy (even though E sees them 24/7 she doesn't understand to 'stand-down') was at an all time high between E & Jori.

-While bop was holding Jori-
E: NOOO!! My bop! [pulling on his legs, almost crying]
Me: [shocked by her jealousy] E you need to share Bop...
Bop: I have room for both of you girls... come here
E: Bop walk... walk bop!! pay meme pay
Jori: Lets play with our baby dolls
Me: Thats a good Idea honey. E go get your baby dolls
E: [grabs the 2 babies that we brought down with us] My 2 babies (2 is her favorite #)
Me: Would you like to share a baby with your cousin?
Jori: Its okay I have a baby, see
E: TWOOOO babies!!! Baba? (baba= pacifier)
Me: Your baba is in your purse over by boobo over by the fire place.
E: My car!
She forgot about her 'baba' when she saw booboo playing with the tractor
Me: E you can play with the backhoe, okay?
E: K mama pouting. Me want up. [starts to grunt- boo got picked up by grammy]
Me: Your a big girl you don't need to be held
E: Bop... up

She knows where/ who to go to, to get her way. She always had to be in the center of the action. Here's a shot of Bop & all 3 grandkids:


Sunday M purposed. I accepted w.out a second thought, but being a single mom I did tell him that he needed to ask E if it was okay, if he married me. The only problem? She was at a hockey game with M's parents. So when she got home I took E from Grammy & said E dada has to ask you something:

M: Can I marry mama?
E: No! My mama!!! [hugs me tight]
Me: Oh honey I'll still be your mama
E: Oh
Me:Yah, I will ALWAYS be you mama. NOTHING will ever change that sweet girl.

a little later after her bath

M & Me: Would you like a new last name? [M will adopt her after we're married]
E: YESSSSS mamadadamama!!!!!
Me: Well then you have to let me marry dada
E: Ok
M: So I can marry your mama?
E: Yes dada

I am glad we have her blessing! What a silly girl. - We only had 478 days to convince her-

& Lastly:

Yesterday afternoon she was having her snack, goldfish. She LOVE LOVE LOVES goldfish. This kid could prolly live on them. I was putting the dishes away and the box was sitting on the counter and I grabbed a few (like 3) and kept on with the dishes. Then decided "man I want some of these" After I was done with the dishes I got some goldfish:

E: NOOOO mine uhhhuhh!!! [if outsiders heard this they prolly thought I was killing her]
Me: You have some & so does mama. It's okay to share your crackers E. There are plenty
E: No mama... Memmy's!!!
Me: E you know how to share. When you're done with those [pointed to her tray] you may have some more
E: Yes mama [shoved all of them in her mouth] More peeese
Me: I think you are done. You need to just drink your juice and get down and play
E: Meme's Cup

The same thing happened after dinner when M had some [regular] crackers & PB. We had a serious talk, It seems to be better today. I can only hope. This is not a phase I am enjoying.


Thank Goodness Tomorrow's Friday--

Come on back then to see what I have planned...

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Jessica said...

I tagged you in my blog!

BB said...

Oh my God. This is the cutest post I have read to date- that includes the convos where she "out smarts" mama.

I love it.

"Can I marry your mama?"

Hahaha. Man, I wish I was there for half this stuff. :-/ I remember when she couldn't even lift her head up. Dang.