Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Temptation Tuesday"

When someone tells you not to do something it makes it even more tempting and appealing. Just like when God told Adam & Eve not to eat from the Garden of Eden & that he would provide for them... what did Eve do... yup she ate that apple. Temptation has been around since the beginning of time, its not a new thing.

Temptation is everywhere. Wether it be that delish bakery up the street, when you're trying to shed 5lbs, that adorable pair of boots when your trying to save some dough or cheating on a spouse/SO with that hawt new coworker or new neighbor that just moved in down the street.

It is everywhere. esp with all this Tiger Woods BS. He gave into the many temptations that were laid at his feet b/c of his social situation.

I feel like he made it okay, when it clearly is not.

Temptation is the desire to do something, esp. something wrong or unwise.

[Usually] after you give into the temptation you feel horrible, asking yourself, "Why did I do that?" "Why did I eat that or spend that money"

Nothing is worth that feeling.

-As for the sweet treats at the bakery, maybe limit yourself... to half.
-The shoes try to find a cheaper version, b/c lets face it, theres always a cheaper version.
-But when it comes to adultery I have very strong feelings. IT IS WRONG. If you are no longer happy in your relationship you have two choices: FIX IT & get happy again or leave. DON'T CHEAT. There's NO grey area when it comes to cheating. I myself have been hurt by being cheated on, I have seen cheaters hurt my friends & I have seen it not only hurt the cheater and the victim as well.

This has been a topic of discussion before on this blog and my freaders had alot to say, thats why I LOVE YOUR FACES SO MUCH, keep the comments coming!!!

This is not just about cheating. It's simply about giving into temptations & the lessons learned after giving into said temptations.

Maybe you feel so tempted you remove yourself from the situation to keep from giving in. You stop driving by the bakery or going to the shoe store.

Just because it seems attainable does it mean you should do it? Just because you think you wont get caught cheating on that big midterm paper, should you and your buddy cheat?

Temptation is everywhere we look nowadays, esp. with iPhones & Blackberries, FB & Twitter.

I am not perfect, I have given in to things i know I shouldn't have, but I have learned from those mistakes. I am a Christian, I know that temptation is the devils work, as hard as it can be to say no, I pray for strength. Although not everyone has the same beliefs as I do, and that is fine. So someone might deal with temptation in a different way than I do.

Just when you think the grass is greener... you 'hop the fence' & realize that the grass really isn't greener, it was just a mirage. You find yourself wishing you were back on the other side of the fence, sometimes going back, just isn't an option.

EVERYONE has given into some kind of temptation at one point in time, as no one is perfect.

**Feel free to leave an anom. comment, tell me what kind of temptation have you given into that you wish you wouldn't have? Did you learn a lesson from giving in? I would love to know**


I hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday...

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