Friday, February 26, 2010

"Forealsies Friday"

Okay I am going to list a bunch of stuff that is FOREALSIES about me... and ONE thing that is for FAKSIES...

You can enter your guess in the mcklinky at the bottom of the post.

I am coming up on 200 posts (next week)- and will be doing a give-a-way so I want to learn how to use mcklinky before then, b/c I can use it for contests).

Have fun guessing!!

- I have an obsession products
- I am allergic to shrimp, there for all shellfish too
- I birthed a left handed child
- I am a cracker fiend
- My bachelors and (in process) Masters are completely unrelated
- I could eat chicken every night of the week
- I despise ham, even the smell makes me want to gag
- I Have been to all 50 states & have a magnet from each one
- I love reading, I can read a book in a day on my Kindle, but it takes me twice as long hardcopy, no idea why
- I don't like lettuce
- I have never been on a ferris wheel
- My favorite color is purple
- I am allergic to latex
- I was a [classical] dancer for 20+ years
- My desire to teach special needs children stems from my beautiful & talented nothing stands in my way, special needs niece
- I can not feel my middle finger on my right hand b/c it was almost severed in HS by a juice cup
- My bestfriend and I have been besties for over 20yrs
- I am a republican and proud
- I am pro-life
- I am glad its FRIDAY!

Only ONE is fakesies! The rest are forealsies!

Now tell me in the comments... did you learn something about me?

In the MCKLINKY take your guess... WHICH ONE IS FAKESIES!!! [head over to the BLOG to do so]


***Exciting news peoples! Next week will be posting my 200th post!! Oh Em Gee!! So I am going to be doing a give away! But Im not telling you which day it is, you will have to come back next week to find out!!!***

Stay tuned!

Till then have a great weekend!

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Kandid Kelli


Nicole said...

It's either the chicken one or E is left handed. Am I right?!?!

Hayley said...

I know which one it is!! :)

Nicole said...

I want to know!! I think I disqualified many of those...which I'm proud of myself for!!!

Rachael said...


Were you not a dancer?

Ugh I don't know I just guessed. I really hope the one about hating ham is false but I don't think it is...ham is sooooo good!!!

LiLu said...

Hoping it's not the anti-choice one, but the one right above it suggests otherwise. Sigh. Different people, different opinions. :)

BB said...

It's the 50 states one. With the magnets. That's false.