Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

E is coming up on 24mons [2yrs] eek! She likes to imitate E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G she see us [mainly me] do. Whether it be unload the dishwasher, switch the clothes from one machine to the other. Vacuum, etc. You get it. I am mainly speaking of "homely" duties. She doesn't just imitate those, she dances when I dance, Laugh when I do etc...

But what I find the cutest is when she is little Susie home-maker. Monday AM when I was folding her laundry on the floor of the family room, I picked up half of her clothes to take them to her room- when I returned clothes were slung all about the fam. room:

Me: Little miss!!!
E: I do it mama. [Sitting in the middle of the mess of clothes]
Me: You made this mess? After mama folded ALL your clothes all pretty?
E: I pretty, mama. Socks! Socks! [Holding up socks]
Me: Would you like to help mama re-fold your clothes hon?
E: yes mama. I help do it. Peeeese.
Me: Here big girl but these shirts on top of that one there [showing here where to 'stack' the shirts]
E: Meme big gorl! Meme! [stands up and spins in a circle]
Me: E is a big girl. Smooch?
E: [bends down for a kiss]
Me: Want to carry these to your room w/mama?
E: Yes mama. [hands her a pair of jeans and socks]
Me: Thank you doodlee


Tuesday afternoon E's godfather Andy came over for & babysat for 2 hrs so I could run out and get a few things done. Knowing the impending Blizzard was on it way and things would be shutdown for days, I needed to get a few things. It was easier & quicker to do it sans toddler. I love how much E loves Andy "Chip". I told her while we were doing our Valentines day crafts [round 2] Uncle Chip was coming to play:

Me: Guess who is coming to play today?
Me: Yep thats right. It's bc you've been such a good girl & b/c uncle Chip misses you!!
E: Chip Play Me!!! Yayyyy!!!! [claping her hands bouncing in her booster seat- no longer crafting- haha]


Me: Use your inside voice, please
E: Peeese down
Me: Go get him baby girl
E: kank you mama?
Chip: Hey ladies
E: Chip walk
[once playing in E's room- I walked in there to give E kisses & say bye]
Me: I'm heading out, smooches?
E: K bye mama [barley looking up from playing I get a half smooch]
Chip: See ya soon
Me: Bye bye
E: go bye bye mama [waving behind her head]

Im glad she doesnt cry when I leave, but a little something would be nice, geez!

& Lastly:

Wednesday night, as I have mentioned before, I let E be independent, it's part of growing up. With her being soooo picky with her eating/food choices, I have been doing whatever I can to get her to EAT. So when she asked begged me to used a fork at dinner, when up to this point she has refused to use one, I was iffy.

E: mine uhhhuhh [holds up her fork]
Me: You want to use this tonight?
E: Yes mam. Peeese?
Me: Are you going to actually eat or are you going to just play?
E: Yes mama
Me: Yes you will eat? or Yes you will play?
E: Yes mama yummyy!!! Milk?
Me: Okay, fine you can use your fork for your chicken
E: yay!! [claps hands]
Me: Go ahead & ask dada to get you in your chair.

She ate ALL of her dinner & them some...WITH THE FORK... Correctly! Yay for Big Girls!!

Tomorrow's Friday- Yay!!

You know you want to check back in b.c ... I am going to tell you all why I love Valentines Day!!

Valentines Day Countdown: [3days]

Check back tomorrow... It won't be TOO mushy... Scouts honor... :)

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I like when little kids just start to matter what they is SO cute because their little personalities can really shine.

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