Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Convo w/a Toddler"

Toddlers are like sponges. They just soak up everything they see and hear.

Tuesday night M was putting E's little bookcase, for her DVD's & books together. It is very small, we are staying with M's parents for the time being, we've started looking for a place since M's new job rocks our world! I digress... her bookcase is small since E's room is what used to be her aunt Michelle's/the guest room. So In her room is a full sized bed and a dresser, all E's toys, all the toys that were already here for her cousins, Jori & Will- That includes the FULL kitchen set. Not to mention E's crib.

And while M was putting it together E wanted to help, naturally. So M told E to go get her Handy Manny tools, & with a quickness she did. She helped her daddy. Now all at once... AWWW.

Well this Morning I was drinking my coffee catching up on Y!News. Laughing @ some of the wacky headlines , when out of no where E said:

E: I fix it mama!! [grabs her toolbox & takes off for her room]
Me: [Calling from the family room to her room] You fix what hon?
E: My tools. I fix.
Me: [hearing banging & pounding- I get off my lazy butt & I peak in her room, she was fixing to bookcase like the night before with M] Oh you fix your bookcase?
E: yes mama. I fix it. [pointing to it] My dada. My dada.
Me: Yes you put that together with your dada, last night.
E: Meme big!
Me: E is a big girl.
E: [held her arms up like a big girl]
Me: I love you.
E: Yes mama. hug. hug.


Wednesday AM is when my WeightWatchers [WW] meeting is. I am not sure why I choose that day, but Wednesday was chosen back almost 2yrs ago when I decided I NEEDED to loose 65lbs. Going to WW is nothing out of the ordinary for E, as she has been going with me since she was 2wks old. It had snowed over night so when I woke up Wed. there was snow on the ground (about 1.5in) but I was in a hurry so I didnt mention it to E like I normally do. I just got her up & dressed so we [I] wouldn't be late. Once in the car on our way to the center:

E: Mama lookkkkk KNOW! KNOW! KNOWWWWWW! [how she says snow]
Me: Yep thats snow, Jack Frost decided to come for a visit last night.
E: Play know!! Play know... Me play! Uhhh uhhh!!!
Me: Use your big girl words, please.
E: Peeese play know.
Me: Thank you. Maybe after we get back home.
E: Ome now mama?
Me: We're going to Weight Watchers for mama then we will be going home, is that okay?
E: [I hear a HUGE sigh] Okay mama [in a very pouty voice]
Me: [pulling into a 15min parking spot] We won't be here very long. I promise. Ready to get out?
E: I walk? I walk?
Me: If you hold mama's hand.
E: No.
Me: If you don't hold my hand, you don't walk & you won't play in the snow when we get home.
E: hold mama!! I Hold. [makes kissy face.]

She wins, again.

This kid KNOWS how to A) WIN B) melt my heart... Her hugs & smooches get me EVERYTIME!

-She wins.

& Lastly:

I let E be independent. So when she runs off to another room in the house, I don't follow her. No need. The house is "E proofed"- Or so I thought. Out of no where E stood up and ran off. No big deal.

E: Bye mama
Me: Bye E

I hear her playing in her room, loudly. Then silence. I give it a minute or two before I go in there. When I go in she is "reading".
Me: You like that book?
E: Yah mam
Me: You want mama to read it to you?
E: No mama [gets up and runs away]

An hour later:
Me: Nappy time honey. Who do you want to sleep with you?
E: My car.
Me: Okay lets get one of your cars & try to go potty.
E: No potty, I peepee [points @ her diaper]
Me: Its okay , lets change your diaper and lay down.
I go to grab her wipies but they are empty. WTH? I had just filled it up. So I look and look and look and then BAMMM!!! There they are in the top of her Diaper Champ.

Me: Oh boy look at all those wipies!!
E: ::giggles::
Me: How did those get in here? [as I am salvaging what I can of said wipies]
E: [still giggling]
Me: Did you [poking in belly] put those in there?
E: yea [giggle]
Me: Wipies are not toys. Please don't do that again.
E: Ok mama. [very whiny]
Me: Def nap time
Since it happened more then an hr back I wasn't going to make a fuss or punish her. Children have short memory spans.

Shes a sneaky one!! That's what she must've been doing when she got all quiet; Used the book to trick me.

E- 2 Mama- 0


Tomorrow's Friday!!

Can't wait to see you back here tomorrow @ Kandid Kelli...!!!

Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , do you?

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