Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Wacky Wednesday"

Today is all about the waked headlines, fashion & parenting trends, etc... Hayls Over @ Blue Eyed Blonde did something similar to this last week, check it out, here , I decided to branch out from her idea & take it one step further...


I know living in PA I should really care that yesterday was "Groundhogs day" but I didn't. If you follow me on Twitter , you saw me tweet this to my friend Katie: "Yes, I want to cry. Stupid, fat ugly, good for nothing, groundhog. He didnt even want to come out. He knew it was too cold!" b/c:
Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of winter . ***Yah screw you Phil.

Lack of "excellent" coffee blends: Consumer Reports *** That isn't seriously one of the MOST POPULAR HEADLINES!!! Why yes, yes it is. Americans need to realize that coffee does not rank among things that are important. I mean I HAVE to have my coffee in the morning to get going but I would not have clicked on this story if it wasn't for this entry. Sigh. I feel bad for the reporter, Marcy Nicholson & the editor Lisa Shumaker.

Doctor casts new light on cat that can predict death *** For serious?! This is the MOST ridiculous thing I have EVER seen... IN. MY. LIFE. I have heard of this cat before a year or so ago, but I CAN NOT believe I am "seeing" about him again & that he is one of the MOST POPULAR stories on YAHOO! today, seriously.


Lets move on to wacky parenting trends that I (as a mother, of a toddler) just shake my head at...

I get (usually) bi-weekly e-mails from I usually glance @ them and move on. Sometimes they have useful info, most of the time NOT. Well yesterday this "article" was in there & It BLEW my mind. I could not believe what I read.

Could Your Child Be Gay? *** I have nothing against gays or anything but seriously! I think we as a culture worry about things prematurely (I do sometimes). PARENTING.Com. is supposed to focus on babies, toddlers & early childhood. The second paragraph was about a 4y/o wearing a pink shirt. Thats a little much. I read [almost] the whole article but still, they have my daughters age... she is almost 2. Get with it.

Eating Green *** I never jumped on the organic bandwagon. I don't plan too. E is healthy. Always has been, since birth. I have nvr been one to follow fads anyways.

The Secret to Your Crazy, Adorable Toddler *** Gues what!!! Kids will be KIDS!!! I just spent the last 2.5 days reading all about development and blahblahblah on children ages infant-toddler & this article just makes me chuckle. Toddlers like to explore, thats how they learn & how their brains grow- that is why they do what they do. Period the end.


Moving on to things I like to call fashion "NO-NOs"

We ALL know I LOVE me some leggings but these are HIDEOUS:
Cutout Leggings *** PPL seriously pay for these things?

Im not sure if I missed the memo this one or what but BIB necklaces?! ***Seriously. My toddler doesn't even wear bibs anymore. These look like something I would see on a Disney Ch. star.

Booties ***are next on my list, of "fashion trends" that have me scratching my head. Are we taking cues from infants now? Has it really come to that? SO SAD.

The last trend MOST all will agree with me on is GAGA... ***I just dont get her... I think she is a little over the top...


I hope everyone has a good hump day...

See you back here tomorrow for "Convo w/a Toddler" @ Kandid Kelli...!!!

Keep up in between posts, I Tweet , do you?

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Hayley said...

I will be buying the cat book. I'm so intrigued by it and how some animals just seem to know things humans don't. Like when a cow is sitting down it's going to rain.

I also want that necklace you posted. LOL.