Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"House Arrest"

Two year olds have a ton of energy. I am not quite sure where it all comes from really.

Being from FL originally, after lunch I would open the back door and say "go play". Thats all it took eyes wide with excitement, E would wear herself out. A little climbing on the swing set, maybe a little swinging, definitely some sliding. It was a combination of the heat, humidity and activity that purely wore her out.

Then it was inside for some coloring in her highchair or playing with her ponies while watching a video then NAP-TIME. Nothing is better then the all glorious nap-time. We had it all down to a science, really.

That was until, we moved. We moved to the arctic, better known as PA, a few days after Christmas. We moved because I was starting graduate school in January, as you all know. We wanted to get settled in, get back into our routine, you know how it goes.

Well I forgot about snow that comes up to their waist, blizzards or just plain ole dreadfully COLD weather. E can't go out and play in that! Yes you can get out the snowsuit or layer the kids up but after ten minutes they are miserably cold and are ready to come in. So it's not even worth the hassle.

My child is wired, I see it in her eyes, cabin fever, and I feel as if I am on house arrest. The freezing temperatures and layers of snow are my ankle bracelet trapping me.

We play soccer inside but the fear of something breaking cuts the game short. E is small so she can run, but running indoors is so different from running outside, the fresh air seems to just pull all that excess energy out of children. It stays bottled up inside of them no matter how much they [children] play indoors.

Spring I call to you like a long lost pair of skinny jeans. The sooner you come and bring warmth, melt all this wretched snow the sooner I regain my sanity and the sooner my toddler regains her calm afternoons of coloring and tiredly asks for an early bedtime.

Oh how I feel I have served my sentence, I am ready to be released from house arrest!


I just love HOLIDAYS... no matter how BIG or little. I want E to love them too.

SOOO: Valentines Day Countdown: [4days]

Its not just about couples. Its about Love in general. I love my family & friends & I want my daughter to feel that kind of love... ALWAYS!!

Check back tomorrow... You don't want to miss Thursday's "Convo w/a Toddler" -- It seems to have "taken off" & a few ppl are doing it on their blogs & I love it [LINK BACK TO ME] . I am working on a "button" for "CWT" hopefully I will have it ready by tomorrow for yall to use on your blogs when you do your own "CWT"...

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Anonymous said...

I do NOT miss the snow. I hope it melts soon!

Anonymous said...

Being all up in Fl we don't get snow days we should get "cold asa well diggers...... day" though cause its cold out there today!