Monday, October 19, 2009

"Who's Who?"

I play the lead role, I am KS... Kelli-Sue. I am a twentysomething college graduate who also happens to be a very PROUD singlemom to a beautiful 18 1/2 mon old little girl, E. She is my life, the reason I smile, breathe. Everything I do is for her. I am about to embark on a journey that I never thought was possible. Graduate School. I want to teach elementary school. no higher then 3rd grade. I desire to teach 1st; but won't be picky. I have a soft spot in my heart for children with special needs. The reason why brings to my NEXT character Mila-Grace or MG. She is my 4 y/o niece who was born with Spina-Bifida . She is a smart, beautiful little girl with an un-breakable spirt. In her short life she has been through a lot and yet she continues to bring joy to those around her. She currently lives with my DAD, Rusty (grandpa)- who works for a small company assembling computer chips & STEPMOM, Jane M. (grandma) who is a hair dresser together they had a daughter, she is 10 y/o her name is Destiny or Des or Dee. She is in the 5th grade, normally a tom-boy, but seems to be slowly growing out of that phase but we don't make a big deal when she likes something "girly" b/c we want her to feel comfortable enough to embrace it, not embarrassed.

E & I currently reside with my parents. Lori/Nana who is retired from the medical sales field & Tom/Papa who is in the medical field. Tom has 1 daughter, Jessica or Jess or Jessie, she is a SR at the University of Florida; she is in the interview process for Dental School. She has interviewed at: Florida College of Dentistry, Nova Southern College of Dentistry & she has two upcoming interviews @ Indiana University College of Dentistry & Ohio State College of Dentistry. EDIT: she was accepted to IUCD!!!!

Since we are on the subject of college, E's FairyGodMother & my bestfriend of over 20 yrs Hayley or Hayls or HK is a Senior Majoring in Photography @ my alma mater - UNF (See! You CAN finish!!). For the past 3yrs HK has been dating Anthony or Ant or Ewii who is a tech. for JCDJ . Its funny b/c M my wonderful boyfriend of over a yr is also a tech but for FORD... his dealership is in PA. M's bestfriend of 18yrs is Andy... E's GodFather & a Harley Tech. He is the main character of the book/screenplay that I will probably nvr finish.

While we're talking about PA people we have the in-laws, Rick/Bop (eventually Grampy) who is a general contractor. He does good work... if you live in the area give him a buzz! & Jane C./Grammy is a CPA for some big-time firm- good thing she's good with technology b/c Bop?- Isn't. But he sure does love his grandkids...Jori, 5, is in kindergarden and is one of the cutest kindergardeners ever! Did I mention what a GREAT big sister she is to her baby brother Will or Boo, 10mons (give or take) I could go on for days about this little guy. He was my BESTFRIEND while I was on vacation. We bonded. I also bonded w/Will's mommy, Jori's Stepmom, M's sister Michelle. Michelle is a [middle school] special ed teacher in Philly; Her husband, Jori & Will's dad, Brandon is also in the school system, I believe he is an Tecnology teacher. They had mentioned bring the kids to disney but don't think they will make it down.

Disney is crawling with characters... pun intended. We have that goof Courtney or BB. She is also a college student, looking to serve in the US Navy and Cast member @ the happiest place on earth. If that happy place wasn't so darn BIG she would run into Missy who is in her last semester at UCF, she is my cousin and is married to Mike; Both of them are also employed by the Mouse. Missy & Mike are Luke or Lukers, almost 2, mommy & daddy. We were just informed that Missy has a bun in the oven, we will call him/her "fetus". They all might see Ashley or Ash, who is a single mommy with a full time job and in college, she isn't employed by the mouse but makes frequent trips to see Mickey as she has a pass for her and her 2 y/o daughter Mallory or Mal, who is one of E's best playmates.

Now that you know the major players in my life here's a quick rundown of some other characters that have [smaller] roles, a role in our lives none the less:

Theres Erin or Wiggle who is also an alum from UNF we had numerous classes togther and we were very close but after I had to move home it was natural that we grew apart. We are still friends just not as close as we used to be, I still love her dearly & don't tell her nearly enough. She is dating Justin or J who is in the Navy, he is a helicopter mech. [I do believe]

Joely & Matty -- J is Ash's b/f of almost 2 yrs and he is a huge GB fan... We talk "shop" on game days, he calls me "miss kelli". M is his bestfriend since HS he is also from WI hes a cool laid back quiet guy. They both live with Ash & Mal.

GD "Genetic Donor"- E's biological father... who hasn't seen her in a yr. Thank God. He's an absentee father by choice, again THANK GOD. Nuff said.

Nicole: Fellow football fanatic & old HS buddy. She comments this blog the MOST & we need to get dinner SOON!!

Gran & Papa/Faye & Tom- My dads parents. I see them every sunday @ church. My grandmother quit her job when I was 6 wks old to keep me when my mom had to go back to work so I wasn't put in daycare, she also took care of my ailing maternal grandmother when she was dying of cancer when she had no one else. She's a Great woman. My grandfather after numerous heart probs for the last 40+ yrs and a small stroke this yr he still works... Hes a CPA... so Tax season he is slammed.

Then I have all my Bloggy friends & the rest of my HUGE family, that seems to ALWAYS be growing. :) There might be a second version to this in a few weeks but until then this should do.


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